Assignment 1 # Plan of Attack


words From time to time I will blog information and articles about my latest online writing class – Stunt Writing
Here is my 1st Assignment – The Plan of Attack (not sure how it will work out!)

Creating the Parameters of Your Stunt:
· I commit to writing for 30 minutes every day.
· My stunt is focused around: Daily Gratitude and Living within my means
· I will consider this aspect of my life from 3 different perspectives, one each week for 3 weeks.
WEEK ONE – How it feels
WEEK TWO – What I have gained
WEEK THREE – Where I find abundance imagesCAR3I79W

#1 “plan of attack.”
I have tried to keep gratitude journals for years and have had some experience of spotting the good. I have never managed to keep the search up, whilst looking at the related links for Module 1 I came across something else inspiring. I have recently resigned my job and money has never been tighter, living within a basic weekly allowance appeals to me and setting it quite tight appeals to me and will also help me write as I won’t be able to afford to go out anywhere!

For the next three weeks I will keep a daily gratitude list and try to find things to be grateful for that are not of my doing. I will attempt to write for 30 mins a day and will write 1) how it feels, then 2) what I have gained and then write about 3) the places abundance was found.

#2 Create Restrictions: Removal, Consequences, Places, People, Research, Data, Change and Practice

-Removal: I will not use things I have myself (grateful for my health etc)
-Consequences: I will deduct a £1 off my weekly allowance if I fail to make my daily writing time.
-Places: I will find places I am grateful for and places I can go for free.
-People: I will see what I can be grateful for from other people
-Things: I will write about something physical (artefact) I am grateful for each week.
-Research: I will look into other gratitude seekers on line (blogs etc)
-Data: I will keep a log of what I spend each week.
-Change: I will find more positivity in searching for gratitude.
-Practice: I will write a daily gratitude
-Practice: I will keep a weekly budget expenditure records.
-Practice: I will donate my time to writing about how this experience makes me feel, write about what I gain and where I find abundance.


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