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Picture It & Write – A Poem About Eve



by Corrie White


At one with the universe

the entity appears

born from liquid

shaped by elements of the earth.

Wind twists the molten force

until Eve appears.


Womb consumed by temptation

Carries a bundle of sin.

Her roots stand firm

in the tides of time.

At one

with the universe.



This is my contribution to Picture and Write It for this week – follow the button. pictureitandwrite2copy-12

Gratitude Stunt Writing Journal – Day 7#



Gratitude Day #7

I am grateful for having social events to look forward to, like the WSF Theatre Department reunion planned for lunchtime today!


Gratitude Stunt writing Journal Day #6



Gratitude #6
I am grateful for happy news.

Today I have had news from my younger brother, it is fantastic and positive and I have managed to feel happy for him, even though the situation is also an unfulfilled dream of mine!

I had the strength to blow away any jealous thought and delight in his moment.

fs fireworks

Offline for Half the Weekend!


I was offline yesterdaylaptop – we had planned to sort the house out, after managing the front garden and half a wardrobe build on Friday!
I went shopping for supplies, it was sunny and a friend called over, we had a few hours in the garden. Before the monsoon rains came at tea-time!
We had spent the whole day up in the garden. Productivity was limited to a few laundry loads, a bit more fun with the wardrobe and a few supermarket runs! Good to reconnect with people we haven’t seen for ages because we have been packing and moving and I got to work on the tan lines. (I don’t tan, I just freckle!)

I planned some writing time in the evening, but had joined in the drinking by then and it was easier to watch Star Wars and potter around the boxes I had planned to unpack!

Today I am very excited because I am going for lunch at a beautiful pub and it is a college reunion! 🙂
Not an official, big one – I tend to avoid those at all cost! Just a few friends from the theatre department  Valentine-poster--400x356 – we haven’t seen each other since a wedding in the late 90’s. I am the only one without children/husband – but the girls are all going by themselves so I shouldn’t feel too different!

I will update the gratitude posts for Stunt Writing and hope to spend some time this evening updating elsewhere, writing and completing the Sunday Challenges!