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Redrafted and Ready


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Today I managed to rewrite and then redraft my children’s story manuscript ready for the critique group on the 20th.
It is much better than it was, a stronger story and that’s after 1 round of feedback. So I am hoping with a few more editing tips I can make it the best it can be.

Twilight Camping in NaNoWriMo


I have just stepped out of camp to come and post a few links, you may find them helpful inspiration if you are a Wrimo yourself.


Here is a link to the Office of Letters and Light (a place Wrimo’s know well) and an interview with Jane Rawson who has published her NaNowriMo Novel. It may give you some hope as we fall out of the 2nd week (how did that happen?!) and into the 3rd (eek! Where is my novel?)

I have only just managed over 9000 words but am hoping a regional meet tomorrow will help with the Write In word count.


Good off the Blocks!


My writing day got off to a speedy start. I was up an hour earlier than I had planned, and my plan was an hour in blogland reading and posting, breakfast and 9am start on the children’s book manuscript redraft which has to emailed today, followed by time on my short story for Camp NaNoWriMo.

It is 9:12

I have been stuck in my inbox since just after 8! With all 1000 emails to delete, shuffle, sift and reply. I now realise (after an hour and we are still only just down to under 900 I won’t be able to do it all this morning. Perhaps not even today!) I am speed reading checking for important ones – like my rejection from Weave Magazine (oh well. More material to submit elsewhere.)
Then I am coming off the internet and onto my laptop – which for a while had a working wifi and now doesn’t recognise it is already connected and refused to uncross the network icon AGAIN!

I know social media + internet time are the worst enemies for eating up writing time – and until today had managed the temptation quite well.
Communicating with people whose shows I just missed on the 4th and the 10th July was important though and I haven’t opened many non-writing emails at all.
(Trying to kid myself that I am still on track!)

pencil paper freestock

Today’s tip:
Quit writing excuses instead… JUST WRITE!