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Blogtember Day 6 – Turning Point



Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I graduated university where I trained in Performing Arts, I dreamt of becoming an actress. I worked as a Performance Poet and started writing for small shows. I was in theatre productions, earning equity rather than working from it. Life was tough. I rented a house, I could barely afford the weekly food bill. I took up a full time retail position with a photography firm (vaguely arty) and earned less than I had at 16. I was unhappy.


The thick skin required for a life in the Arts was something I had not grown very well (see my ENFJ type -post from yesterday… sensitive) https://awritersfountain.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/blogtember-9th-september-day-5-johnny-depp-is-my-type/

also I was good, dang good, at home I was one of the best so had no need for the thick skin. Directors loved me, people wanted to cast me, it was all good. Here in the big city I was a tiny, eeny, weeny fish and their were plenty of actors with equal talent and all seemed ready and willing to stab me in the back. I retreated from the spot light and sourced solice in my notepad. It was at this point I decided to be a writer. I was 21, I had been published as a poet throughout my teens in small press, magazines and print anthologies.

This dream was a sudden one.


I was fully passionate and enthused and signed up for creative writing classes at the local Adult college. It was a great course! Divided into modules covering different genres and with facilitators who are actual practioneers in their field. Writers, radio broadcaster, journalists etc. invaluable. It stood me in great stead. Every ‘tutor’ encouraged me in their genre and recognised my talent, for my ego and my mind this recognition equalled the reality that I could write anything for anybody.


Shortly after this (months) I was still struggling with the artists life (a penniless one) such a long gap between publishing and royalities. I was working as a penniless freelance writer when I came to the same bridge (crossroads) as JK Rowling! Her Harry Potter manuscript was her final attempt at making it as a writer, her next plan was to train to teach … we were both in need of the same thing, money. Just enough for a roof, look at us now – she went right, I went left. Not that my ideas or writing was anywhere near Harry Potter, but…


Still we both got what we wanted, and decades later I REALLY have it, beautiful house, wonderful partner, regular salary, lifetime job…


I am at the crossroads again – this time I am turning RIGHT, listening to my creative spirit and stepping into the writers shoes. It isn’t always that you get the chance to revisit a turning point. I tried the one road. I did it for a long time. I can still use the skills and make some income from it. But happiness… that is found down the road to my right, whether I make it to the final destination or not.

motivation sign

Inkspill Writing Retreat – Have your Say.


LAST CHANCE this week to get your ideas and needs met by the INKSPILL writing retreat.

I am currently putting the finishing touches to the full programme for next month’s writing retreat. Inkspill (Oct 25-27th)

awf suitcase

The best writing experiences are those that cater for what people need.

So what is it you need?

Let me know. Leave a comment here. And feel free to share the news of this event around.


SOLC – Slice of Life Challenge – The Beginning of a New Chapter


Today has been such a busy day – I would get yourself a drink (and a biscuit) before you start to read this.




Last Friday I started to sort work life out and as with most people – this involves a whole paper trail when starting somewhere new. Over the weekend CV’s and emails were all sent efficiently and fast via technology, then last night I received the ‘what I need to take’ with me today and I started the paperwork treasure hunt. We moved house and I still have a few (understatement) boxes to unpack and most paperwork from the past few months was not so much filed as stuffed into a few folders.

So this morning I got up early and continued the search followed by more work online. I also phoned my old place of work – they were all back there today and it felt really strange to speak to them and not see them. I sent an email.

I also received a parcel (I love getting post and it is one thing I miss from pre- e-mail days) to be fair I placed a book order on Amazon whilst completing some writing research, I was taken in by an advert banner and a 1p book! I hadn’t expected to receive any until the 6th at the earliest so it was a nice surprise! I hadn’t got time to open it as I was getting ready as it arrived.

This afternoon I had an interview, after which I went to check my apartment (which is on the market) and collect lots of post. I also found some unwanted guests of the arachnid variety. I went to the Estate Agents to find out the latest on marketing of my property and discussed this week’s viewings (of which there is only 1).

Then I called a friend – who moved to my old town just as I moved out and we met for a soft drink in the sun! Then I went for a walk in the park en route to my Gran, who I had called earlier from the flat. She has one of those spider removing gadgets (it doesn’t harm them) and as I have no ladders or feather dusters in the apartment anymore and all the spiders were in the corners of the ceiling I needed some help. I saw some other members of my family who were over with my Gran and after catching the spiders, I (eventually) came home!

I had missed most of the sun in the garden as it was near 7pm when I got home. Mr G and I went up to the garden anyway to peel potatoes and top and tail home-grown French beans. The sky was amazing, a beautiful sunset and pink clouds.

Yesterday I made my first ever crumble (which I thoroughly enjoyed doing) – I knew where my kitchen apron was, I don’t know where important certificates and my passport is, both of which I use more regularly than a kitchen apron, in fact I bought it 3 years ago and have worn it 3 times and one of those was on a food tech course! Our neighbours are lovely and in exchange for some of our cucumbers, we have had cooking apples, blackberries and yellow plums. The apples and blackberries made a wonderfully tasty crumble, which took three days to get around to cooking. Tonight I had the pleasure of Mr G cooking tea with all our allotment ingredients – beautiful, I love this new, simple life!

I am also busy writing a short story and this has inspired me to create some HOW TO posts which have been linked on many other blogs, which is flattering. A big thank you to all who posted related article links or commented on how useful these posts were.

Tonight I am catching up in Blogland and hope to read some slices!


Stunt writing Gratitude Journal Day# 26



Day # 26 Gratitude

I am grateful for the rain watering our crops so that I don’t have to!


The Greatest Stunt of All! Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal – Day#25


stunt-writing-final1-1 The greatest stunt of all will be me managing to successfully complete this online writing course, as I fall weeks and weeks behind!

I have to do some counting to even work out how many gratitude entries I need to make! I will try to get the last few in place on the correct days! Technically I only need 28 as I am only completing a 4 week stunt!


Gratitude # 25

Day 25# Thursday 15th August

I am grateful for a real bed!

be grateful


Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal Day # 21



Gratitude Day# 21

I am grateful that our crops have worked and are ready to be picked.



Bell peppers


French beans





Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal Day# 20


I am falling behind on my canvas network course – I plan a catch up day tomorrow… I have also fallen behind on a daily gratitude entry although I have thought of one every day. (So the concept of seeking positivity in this stunt is still valid!)


Gratitude Day #20

I am grateful for wisdom of others found in the books I pick up and read.