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Nano Day 1 of Camp – Let’s get our feet dirty!


I managed 1145 words on the 1st of 2 Nano Camp short stories. I was burning the midnight oil to do it in the small hours of 1st July having spent the whole day packing.
My total word count is 35000. This works out as a target write of 1130 words a day. I managed 1145 in 2 sittings and am currently ahead of my target count.
Not been able to access the camp website on phone, according to Facebook several people are struggling. Always busy on opening night!

After struggling through 50,000 word target on my Non-Fiction book in April, I decided I needed to enjoy the retreat, I knew July was unpacking/ moving house & finishing work so I have set a realistic target of 35000.
I am rebelling again producing 2 short stories & at least 75% of a completed Novella.
My 1st camp story is a short story – aiming for under 7000 words. It is currently being written in sections. It is based on a Friday Fictioneers challenge I wrote called ‘Receiver Reception’. I would leave a link if I could but still offline and only some of the site works for me. I cannot add media or all necessary tabs. Nevermind, can dress them up later.

How was your FIRST DAY AT CAMP?

Happy Camping