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Thank You Day


Since starting the Stunt Writing Challenge of daily gratitude for my online writing course, I have felt the benefits in just 2 days. Today I started to explore gratitude in blogs and I came across a blog called SWERVE and this post.
A thank you day – what a lovely idea.
I DARE you all to ADD A THANK YOU DAY onto your AUGUST calendars! 🙂


Thank-YouIn life, no matter how much you have succeeded, do not forget that there are people who have helped you at each step of the way. And the best way to look back is to return to the people who have cared and supported you and say “thank you”. Taking this action allows you to pause and reflect to see how much of the good things in life have been given you by way of trust, support, and help from others.

Receiving expressions of gratitude makes us feel a heightened of self-worth, and that in turn triggers other helpful behaviors toward both the person we are helping and other people, too. – Francesca Gino (Author, “Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan”)

Assign a “Thank You Day” schedule in your calendar. Reach out, send that “Thank you” card, reconnect or arrange a simple…

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A Slice of Life Near the end of July #2


This is only the 2nd week this month I have managed to write a slice. sols_6I want this day remembered for several reasons;

  • the storm
  • leaving work
  • visiting friends
  • a Royal Baby

The Perfect Storm

Firstly the storm – so exciting after 3 weeks of constant heat and sun – hotter than Hawaii and totally unusual and a sure sign of Global warming for this Island! And now the rain to help the allotment, garden and plants Mr G bought me to brighten up the front doorstep that needed to be watered. The best is – IT IS NOT COLD – the temperature has rocketed up and there are many lulls in between monsoon downpours. I am loving it right now as I am dry inside and looking at the magnificence through a huge window – we will see if I like it the same when I am out in going to work or trying to calm down a class full of freaked out small children!

The 1st thing I wrote this morning was a poem – read it here

The end of an Era

Speaking of which it is the last but one day. I handed my notice in in May and plan to freelance and work for Local Authorities and Agencies come September. The 60-80 hour weeks were making me ill and a decision had to be made. I am very indecisive but fortunately some actions have made the decision for me really. It is strange but because of the medication I feel neither happiness nor sadness at this life changing event. 8 years in the same place and 13 years into my career I would expect to feel something. Maybe that feeling stopped long ago – or I am staying strong and suppressing the tidal wave of emotions. imagesCAVZQJ1K

Across the Oceans – Au Revoir!

Last Monday (another reason there was no slice last week) my friend travelled back from Australia! She has been gone 4 years, although now we have reunited it doesn’t seem that long! She has been staying with Mr G and I – I am embarrassed because the house is so far from straight, her room is filled with boxes and every night we all worry about a mountain of cardboard falling down!

She has managed to get out and see lots of people and now she is one night off the next leg of her journey to France.

Having to tear myself away from possibilities of fun and adventure to go to work and not being able to play because I have to redecorate the flat frustrates me. I will be on holiday when she makes it back. It has been lovely having her here and she doesn’t know it but she has inspired a hearts story or two!

Royal Blue *

And this slice wouldn’t be a true slice if this wasn’t mentioned…Spring-makeover-10-ideas--007

Unlike the rest of the world I was busy last night and not glued to media filling time before the birth of the Royal Baby. However I do have Facebook and the wall was full of messages about the baby, so before I went to bed I knew Kate had given birth to a baby boy!

It kind of takes the shine off waking up and finding out by watching breakfast news (as I would have done today – especially as I was woken up early by the storm!)

Royal Baby BBC

A formal bulletin confirming the birth was displayed at Buckingham Palace


BBC © 2013

* very pleased with my thunder bolt inspired title

And in other parts of my fractious life I am ruled by TO DO lists and clock watching!

to do

  • Flat decorate and sell
  • Applications & agency sign ups
  • Finishing work
  • Sorting new home
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Picture Book Group

I cannot believe this but I STILL have to finish the flat – bobwe only live 7 miles away but after work it is hard to have the energy for the tasks ahead. TONIGHT I am going over and finishing the jobs! Also (fingers crossed) showing someone around.

I need to sign up with agencies for September and complete the LA application form – and post them by the end of the day – have not found time in the past 4 weeks to deal with this!

NaNoWriMo – I am struggling with this as the short story I was writing turned into a novella. I have overcome the writing block by starting another story and hope to find time to edit and submit both manuscripts over the summer! nano3

The Picture Book Group had to postpone our weekend meeting due to riots in the city, we are meeting tomorrow night instead, tonight after work and the flat I have to critique 5 manuscripts.

And my friend thought her flight was today – it is tomorrow so all the busy-ness I planned means I won’t get to see much of her.


Happy Summer!

Waking Storm


On first waking
I do not hear it,
I roll towards my lover
and embrace him skin to skin.
I drift back to the place of dreams.
Time speeds up,
He wakes me gently.
The ‘goodbye I have to go to work now kiss.’
I steal his pillow
and roll over in the empty bed.
Then I hear it.

Rolling thunder
and something primitive wakes in me.
A sense of belonging
An umbilical chord
pulsing with energy
fastens me to
mother earth.
I lie down,
Asleep and yet awake
Eyes not working,
Body aching.
Internal senses I never knew existed
switch on and work

Asleep and waking,
The pattern continues
Like the ebbing of the tides.
I lie still and listen
and wrap myself up
in a rare sense of



Stunt Writing Gratitude Journal 2#



Gratitude 2#

I am grateful for time to lie in bed and listen to the storm.

I can’t remember the last time I woke up to thunder … But this time, I will.