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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11


I have managed a massive catch up in Blogland – including writing for several challenges tonight. I have managed to read posts on other people’s blogs and still need to catch up with lots on my reader.quality-mark

I haven’t had much spare time since I posted this morning and only just made it into camp a few minutes ago. There were Cabin messages and it seems we are all in the same boat of hitting our first blocks and also struggling to find the time to commit.524010_10150984264239299_293259167_n
I plan to get up early and make up some word count. I helpfully left my phone at work today so I won’t be able to make my phone calls in the morning (frees up some time!)

WD-2013WritingGoals-Category I have also CONFIRMED my attendance at a regional NaNoWriMo write in on Saturday, hope to surpass my word count before I have to go and redecorate and clean my apartment on Sunday.

My Stats suggest I will still be writing on my birthday – but I won’t be! 2013-Participant-Facebook-Cover

Average Words Per Day 1,130
Your Average Per Day 718
Words Written Today 73
Target Word Count35,000
Total Words Written 7,900
Words Remaining 27,100
Current Day 11
Days Remaining 21
At This Rate You Will Finish On August 18, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,291

Friday Fictioneers – All Things Go.


I am SO HAPPY to reunite with all you FF participants and this week’s prompt is no let down for my first flash in a while!

Click the link if you want to come and join in! http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2013/07/


Copyright – Randy Mazie

Even the dead could not escape the roaming goats capturing the peaceful serenity as they calmly chewed the grass between browned, burnt plots.

Then there was Charlie, he knew only too well ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’ the truth for him. He’d lost his home after  he lost Adelia, as if a broken heart wasn’t enough loss, he had gradually become incapable of self preservation. Eventually he stopped opening post, or making payments and he lost their home. Homeless he blamed his idleness for everything. Including his latest loss. Sadly, he could only hear the goats now.

LOCKED FSF – Five Sentence Fiction


NewFSFBadge-1 I found this challenge a while back and the next week it wasn’t posted, after which I was offline – ready to tell a tale in just 5 sentences. Let’s see…

(If you are interested in participating click the button)


“It isn’t this one!” Esme disclaimed as she tried yet another, long, silver key in the lock! They had recently bought a house, very much like Fort Knox with it’s locks and doors, chains and bolts, they had inherited about twelve sets of keys (it had been a rental). The first thing they did was change the locks, especially after having all the workmen in on key loans. But now they were flummoxed as they stared through the window at the beautiful summer house which didn’t open with any of the sets of jangling keys.

Skipping about through Blogland!


It feels like the weekend may finally be drawing near (if only that meant rest!) with a writing meeting and a flat to clean and partially redecorate not to mention a house to unbox I doubt there will be much R & R!

However, I am happily skipping through Blogland catching up with other people’s posts and some writing challenges.

It feels like I have been offline forever, not just the best part of 10 days!


Amy Tan: Where Does Creativity Hide?


Found this on Writing and Rambling Blog this morning, was inspired – especially as I spent a great deal of last night searching for my creativity! E N J O Y


Early Morning Camping


Up early this morning to make up for the 12 hour sleep plus 2 hours powernap after work that was yesterdays story of exhaustion!

Breakfast2 Armed with a breakfast of yogurt bar and allotment fresh raspberries (I really should buy some cereal) I sat down in Camp. I caught up in the Cabin and found I am not alone in my 2nd week struggle for words. I read 2 inspiring motivational emails sent by the camp leaders. And I THOUGHT about my short story. camping-tent-grass-15269945 I would fire the other laptop up and start but I have to be out the house in 20 minutes to go and meet an estate agent at my apartment. I feel a bit like a Pageant Mum must feel, showing someone my beloved pad. I really need to clean it up first but the appointment is an early enough challenge. It’s an agent not a buyer.

Still my early morning stroll around Camp has inspired me – I am now hoping for some time between appointment and work to write! camp

I wrote over 1000 words last night – unfortunately it didn’t count towards my statistics (I had been estimating some word count updates and I was 1016 words over reality! Oppps!)


Right off to get a deal on my pad.


And think about my characters on the drive over!