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Camp NaNoWriMo – Just a few DAYS to go!


camp-nanowrimoJust DAYS to go!

I am still ploughing on with the latest short story, I have found some places I can submit this writing too once it is edited! This is enough to spur me onto the finish. I managed to finish the April Camp just one day before deadline, this time I think I will be writing on the 31st July too!

Unfortunately I have so many other projects I need to finish (flat – getting a job -sorting bills –  things that are costing me money and that really should take priority!) that I need to get these jobs done tomorrow before I can finish the writing.

With this (and my sanity in mind) I am hoping to manage the 2500+ words I need a day in a few sittings…


I will have to clear my schedule if I am planning on completing the official NaNoWriMo in November!



My latest STATS:

Average Words Per Day 646

Your Average Per Day 496

Words Written Today 3,000

Target Word Count 20,000

Total Words Written 14,900

Words Remaining 5,100

Current Day 30

Days Remaining 2

At This Rate You Will Finish On August 10, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 2,550

Gratitude Stunt Writing Journal #Day 8



Gratitude #8

I am grateful for true friends.



True friendship sets no time limits or expiry. You can have months apart, years apart or even decades and pick up right from where you left off. How? Because you never left each other’s hearts, not even for one second!