Daily Archives: July 6, 2013

The First Day


I created this blog to almanac my writing journey. Due to house moves I have not written since Thursday morning. I am firing the laptop up later, once the sun has gone down. I have 2600 words to attempt to catch up on nano writing. It is day 6 of camp. Sometimes putting the story down for a few days helps.

We were awake with Christmas day type excitement at 8a.m after a late night celebration in the Garden.
It took ages to find things and get up. We walked into town and bought solar lights and owls (not real ones) for the Garden. We came home and ate lunch in the Garden.
No unpacking has happened. We didn’t plan any. We are using the kitchen to cook this evening so some bits will get put away.

For the 1st time in years I can relax. As I don’t have to think about driving home!