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Another Jam Packed Day!

Copyright Leo Norrie 2012

© 2013 Leo Norrie

I LOVE the summer – it is definitely my favourite season and it looks like FINALLY after a perpetual winter of 18 months or so we are being rewarded for the long wait!

HOWEVER, with the happiness of sunshine comes a influx of social engagements, deadlines, busy work periods and for me this year …change (by the bucketful!)

My main focus this week has to be getting my property ready to sell, I have arranged the marketing and estate agent at least. I need to search for an energy certificate that is in a home file that I had arranged to leave at the house which was then packed in any number of identical boxes. My packing was so erratic by the end that I was writing the room for the box and neglecting writing contents – regretting that now! cardboard-box

I am gradually unpacking our new home – not rushing – I know someone who moved last week and is practically unpacked already- he got help and was also a bit ill before his move! So had some organisational time from his sickbed!

My other focus is work, sorting references and forms and agencies for later on this inbox-outbox-mailyear. Oh and of course working.

There is also something very exciting happening this week which is taking up a lot of time – and I wouldn’t wish it any other way but all this time is coming out of which schedule?! ….

MY WRITING SCHEDULE – I am feeling the fear of falling behind with Camp NaNoWriMo writing and yesterday started my new online writing course – which had no posts for the 6 hours I checked before work and now I have missed things which have closed on the forums and all sorts as my first log in is recorded today! write1

I may have less time to blog over the next few days too- bit hard when you’re armed with a paint roller! Hopefully tonight after work and tomorrow after a full day at work I will have time to clean the apartment and paint a small room and get my keys given in before Thursday! And by Saturday it WILL sell! 🙂 … and I will collapse! 😉

Right back off to the course and module 1 I have managed the orientation video and information now to do some learning and writing.