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Every Writer needs a Technician


Thanks to Keith who has spent some time sorting my laptop to make the wireless connection work.I truly have 24/7 access now – which I can hardly believe I have not had for 9 years!!! And people ask me how I manage without a Sat Nav! imagesCA9WLM16

SOLC Slice of Life – The first Piece of July Pie!



I am delighted to have made it back online and there is so much going on these slices could be bigger than humble pie! I will try and limit myself to news from the past week!

Well the big news of course – which if you follow my blog you will know I moved house! Mr G and I are now happily living with bits of furniture in the wrong room and boxes and boxes of stuff. I am busy sorting the kitchen first – despite it being a good size the storage is a mini size and with the combination of all our things it is a bit of a nightmare. Plus the removal man couldn’t fit the washing machine so we need someone pin-up-woman-cleaning-up-cold-blue-winter-snow-28623149around to do that. And the laundry has piled up, I planned to do final washes at the apartment – I was worried about water everywhere though – and with good reason the floor needed quite a mopping when the machine was moved!

If it’s not fixed by the weekend then we will need launderette trips.

files-archiveI have just under three weeks left at work. I need to sign up for some agencies and the like ready for some earning potential – particularly as I am still paying for the apartment, I did manage to arrange estate agent evaluations this week though! Finally – been wanting to have it on the market since May but there was so much stuff in it I could never have got it to a presentable standard. I need to do a deep clean and some DIY in the kitchen but they can at least come and tell me what I can hope to get for it.

My neighbours are selling too – 3 of us in the same part of the building – I am hoping the ‘no chain’ factor helps push mine and I have a feeling it may be going on for less than the others. (As there are basic and deluxe kitchens and I believe my side has the basic fittings.)

That’s my next mission sell my flat before Christmas! timer

The past fortnight has been a mission – offline – no TV – just work – sleep – and packing! Apart from my friends BBQ housewarming which was a lovely evening and the first time I have been out in months!

The weekend together at the new house was lovely though – the sun finally shining – summer FINALLY here! Lots of relaxing in the garden after weeks/months of high stress house move feelings! It took us a while to get here but here we are and it was worth waiting for – like all good things.


And in my writing life I have started Camp NaNoWriMo (my 2nd trip to the virtual writers retreat this year, I did 54000 words in April), my summer camp target is just 35000 I am dancing around the 8000 mark – but work will finish before camp does allowing me some catch up time!

Off to grab breakfast in the box city kitchen and read some of your slices before unpacking the house some more!

Camp Nano Day 8 – The Story Grows – Tips for New Campers


I managed to make it into camp in the morning on Monday, in between work and unpacking and going out to work. I spent an hour in the garden in the wonderful sunshine writing in my notebook planning out the rest of my story. Seems my short story may develop into a novella after all!

Here are my updated Camp Stats:

Average Words Per Day 1,130

Your Average Per Day 869

Words Written Today 1000

Target Word Count 35,000

Total Words Written 7,827

Words Remaining 27,173

Current Day 8

Days Remaining 24


I have amended them to match day 8 not day 9 as I collected these stats after midnight it showed my word count as 0 – it was 1000, not the 1130+ I am aiming for to stay on target, I have not as yet caught up from the non-write end of week moving days.

I am NOT panicking though, which is the BIGGEST secret I learnt for myself in my 1st Nano Camp in April. imagesCA9G4USI

As soon as you panic you lose perspective and often the will to complete your camp mission. I know that work finishes on the 24th and I will have a few days where I can make up for lost word counts.

I also know that because I chose to rebel* (along with a few thousand others) I will escape the Blockness Monster (as it is called over in camp) as I am writing fresh material after the 15000 word count or possibly before.



* A rebel: anyone who does anything other than the traditional

50,000 word novel.

This includes Non-fiction (my April camp), short stories, flash writing, poetry (hats off to them for attempting high word counts) and any other genre of writing that is not the novel.


Still falling a little short of target is perfectly acceptable considering I am unpacking the kitchen!


My Cabin is active and I have spent time getting to know some of my fellow camp writers, I met another poet which is lovely, we are all girls and so far no-one has suggested a pillow fight (which is a good thing!)

I have  a date for the Regional meet and after missing both opportunities in April am quite excited at meeting other writers mad enough to attempt the marathon in this heat!

Fingers crossed for this weekend!