Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

Quick Camp Update


Well the embers of the campfire glow on into the summer night. I could almost forget I have boxes ruling my life!
Thanks to people who helped me this evening. Your knowledge is a much appreciated source and you will be listed in publishing credits. The list has begun!
I went old school 600 words in tonight…
I actually decided to plan the story … Turns out it may not be as short as 1st thought!

Nano Stats
Day 3
1716 words today
4827 Total (trying to make up for unpacking time!)
30173 Words to go (not even thinking about it!)
29 Days left
If I continue @ this rate (uhuh!) finish by

Happy camping!
Lights out people…

Horror/ Vamp writers PLEASE HELP


Need to check a few references for current nano short story.
To obtain a new member they have to drink vampire blood? Rather than be bitten?
Other than stakes, crucifixes, garlic, holy water and sunlight is there anything that can repel a vampire?
Does the head vampire have a special title?
Do they eat anything or just drink blood?

Thanks… I guess I should have spent less time behind the cushion!