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Day 2 of Being A Wrimo


Day 2

Nano underway, ‘Oh Cabin, Oh Cabin…’

The 2nd day of Nano starts, here I am in the small hours catching up on paperwork (after heavy duty packing – thanks Mum), taking a mini break to compose a blog message to post tomorrow.

12:08 Tuesday morning.

I haven’t started my writing for the day but I have checked in Day 1 word count on the phone and had a quick flutter through Nano Posts and mail.

I haven’t yet written my next instalment, I will write some now before sleep. Then finish the paperwork. (Less appealing of course!)

I have spent some time on my phone surfing through Nano media, here’s a little snippet of the best of day 1.

Day 1:

In the wonderful world of Nanoland (as it is affectionately named by some) there were some gems, not to mention useful information and smiles.

Among my favourite Wrimo (writer) comments today was John C Scott who made a comment about strong coffee, a 1 AM write and only making it as far as the title!

Closely followed by Amethyst Argenta who left a message to herself recommending not to choose a container of cheese balls to munch on during Nano, as she can’t stop eating them and they make her fingers sticky!

She also posted a question about promotional items, a question I found abundant replies for, seems the most popular are bookmarks & postcards. Do bookmarks count if it is an e-book?

Michael Connors discussed opening lines.

My top tip comes from Jennifer S Hickling for any Wrimo’s already stuck in the muddy murk of muse’s manic maze… ‘write scenes or conversation snippets to be used later. Don’t worry about the order or continuity right now, get it down & sort it later.’

And Leah Plath is answering people’s questions about publishing (traditional route).

As she now has an agent & has recently landed a publishing deal.


Day 2:

And that’s about all I had time to read. Nice to feel connected – especially as my days are mainly filled with cardboard boxes!

I wish my cabin was good though– 2nd camp, 2nd Cabin – 1 active member (again) this time out of 8! I think I will bail and hope for a better bunch. They have a week!

I have written just over 700 words and now it is time for paperwork and bed. I will work on it later after work and packing!

If you are participating in CampNano I hope being a Wrimo is working out for you! I promise to continue posting tips, advice and thoughts about camp throughout July. (Some of them may actually belong to me!) I only wish media would upload, I will hopefully find some time this weekend to add images to all this boringly wordy posts.