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Slice of Life SOLC – Where did July go?



The End of July sols_6

This month seems to have passed me by in a flash, I can’t believe it is almost the end of July and my 2nd Camp NaNoWriMo already!

I am mainly unpacking boxes – today’s mission was to get the kitchen and lounge straight – I think if I keep going until midnight I may manage it!

My friend is on her way back from Europe today after a week away and is using our pad as her base for the next week of her travels around the island. Be good to see her again. This really has been the week for reunions!

I went to a Critique night with the writers from the children’s picture books course on Wednesday, followed by an adventure across town to see my friends who had come up from the South-East – last seen 2 yrs ago at their wedding! Great to see them again!

The first day of my holiday (last Thursday) was supposed to be dedicated to getting the house unpacked. I did some in the kitchen and then ran some errands before Jen and Alon (friends from South-East seen briefly the night before) came to see our new place. Then no sooner were they going when another friend popped in. we shared some drinks in the sun in the garden with Mr G when he got home and then I went out to the village pub to see people (friends) that I haven’t seen for months! (Mainly teachers so holiday is the only catching up time we have) it was a lovely night and I got home around midnight for the 2nd night in a row!

Friday I was really tired from all the late nights but Mr G had taken the day off to do the house and he wasn’t letting me sleep through it! We had a lovely breakfast in the garden and then started on the front garden and the hedge! We also started building my nightmare double wardrobes – which take up the whole floor when down on the ground and really aren’t a flat pack item  – once they are built – they are built. Unfortunately I wasn’t much help and even though a friend helped move them into position on Saturday, they are still incomplete – as I realised the sides are on the wrong way around!

Mr G is waiting for help – as it is a 2 man job that I am just not strong enough or tall enough to help with!

This means the bed is still not built – we need the room for the wardrobe construction 1st. We had one night camping back in the lounge and the rest on the mattress on the floor.

Saturday we planned to carry on with what we ran out of time to do Friday – kitchen & wardrobes/ bed. A friend came over instead and we spent the day in the sun in the garden, I ran a few errands and supermarket pick ups apart from that I didn’t do much other than sort clothes out ready to go in the wardrobe and some laundry.

Watched a film and SLEPT!

Sunday again we planned to work on the house – best laid plans – by the time we had had a leisurely start – breakfast in the garden and I’d got up we had a little time to work on things. I was going out to a college reunion – theatre students – been in the planning process for best part of 12 months!

It was fab – really felt like we had never left each other – it is 2 decades since we met and at least 17 years since we have seen each other. Wonderful experience, I was on such a high when I got home.

Mr G (Bless him) had rearranged furniture and got rooms well on the go ready for me to get in and sort. Which I did a lil’ before bed!

Monday I planned an entire day on the house whilst Mr G was at work. I got up at 8:30 and started – had no energy – was asleep by 10! Woke up at 2:30 pm – was asleep again 7pm – 11pm – and finally went to bed after falling asleep on, sofa close to 2AM!

Body on TOTAL shut down. So tired!

Fortunately today I have been up since 8 and have cleared unpacked and sorted lots on the kitchen and lounge! Hope to get most of it done before bed!


Gratitude Stunt Writing Journal #Day 9



Gratitude #9
Today I am grateful for the energy to pack boxes.


Always forgive yourself, particularly if you suffer from illnesses that force energy levels to be low. Hope that there is another day and hit the TO DO LIST then, allow your body and mind time to rest and recoup. When your body forces a shut down, you know you have overdone it! Forgive yourself. Allow nature to take command.