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Stunt Writing – 3 Week Assignment – The Gratitude Journal


Every year I have attempted to focus on abundance and keep a gratitude journal. The longest I have managed in the 16 years I have practised is 5 months.

It’s a really good practise and I am sure some of you have even done it from time to time.

As part of the ‘Plan of Attack’ for my Stunt Writing Course I have chosen to find abundance, focus on things I should be grateful for. I have pledged to log 1 a day and have set up the barrier of not being able to write about my own self; I am grateful for my health, I am feeling … etc. I hope this encourages me to look beyond the ego and also reap happiness from external elements.


Gratitude 1#

I am grateful for friends who travel half way around the world and choose to stay with me.

A happy summer 2011

Picture It and Write – The Wedding


I LOVED THE PHOTO FOR THIS WEEK’S PROMPT and as my friends get married in less than a fortnight this had to be written for them.

pictureitandwrite2copy-12 Click the button to read all about the challenge.

Keith and Liz had a wonderful 2012, their precious first born Amelia Grace arrived in the world. Liz was so wrapped up in being a new mummy it was months before she gave their wedding another thought. It had all been booked before Amelia was born, they had spent months visiting potential venues and pouring over hotel brochures. In the end they both decided on the spectacular hotel with the lake.

Amelia was at Grandma’s for the day and Liz was getting ready for a pre-hen party outing with the girls. She was looking forward to talk turning to the wedding once again. Not a Yummy Mummy in sight as she met up with them in ‘The Waterwheel’.

Keith had come home early, he knew his girls would both be out. He had decided that he wanted something of the wedding they had planned together to be a surprise. He had asked his Dad for advice and a few of his friends. The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is to find out things have been changed or substituted. He couldn’t resist though, he was sure she would love it and see the funny side. Keith had been a prankster ever since she met him and she laughed at lots of the high jinx. Admittedly she was rarely the subject, that’s why he had waited so long and mulled it over in his mind.

He rang the hotel and ordered the water bed.




The Wedding was a perfect dream of white lace and music. Liz couldn’t have been happier. Keith was beginning to feel decidedly edgy though, especially since he had taken directions to the suite from Reception. Arm in arm they walked through the grounds towards her surprise.

When they got through the thicket of trees, the magnificence of the bridal suite surprised them both! In the middle of the lake was the most romantic, Tudor style, four poster bed. Their waterbed.

“It looks like a Fairy Queen’s barge!” Liz exclaimed!

“Yacht at least!” Keith retorted. Still getting over the shock!


The next morning they woke up in their summer dream, a gentle breeze pulling on the fabric surrounding them. It flapped like Angel Wings, protecting the lovers.

They were so grateful they chose the hotel with a lake.

Keith rolled over dreamily and looked into Liz’s eyes. He smiled.


“I do.” She whispered.