Slice of Life – Tuesday: A Sunny Slice


After joining in with the final week of the March SOLC I have missed writing a day in the life style blog posts. I will try to post Tuesday Slices as often as possible.

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Early Birds

Today Mr G. had to go back to work. We had an early morning, the sun was shining in a blue sky. The temperatures are still low and it is very cold, but it is dry and bright, a little more Spring-like.

The clocks sprang forward over the weekend and I am still trying to get used to ‘losing the hour’, (GMT) like jetlag you just have to stop living in the past – see the time as it is – because it is that time.

My tiredness has more to do with an extremely late night blogging and a heavy day of writing yesterday. I have joined both NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo (well it is the holidays!)

Morning Write

I spent 1.5hrs on writing sites and blogs this morning and completing the schedule for April that I am sure I will be adding to. I am currently writing a flash for a competition, writing my manuscript in NaNo. Camp (1667 wds a day), writing a daily poem for NaPo. Camp and planning for the workshop this weekend.

I spent half an hour on the manuscript (I did 3hrs straight at camp yesterday, can’t do that again!) and then (half an hour ago) I made coffee and started writing blog posts and camp poems.

I’m heading offline now and won’t be back until I have finished my manuscript word count.  I will go over the word limit if I can, as I did yesterday, as I know there will be some days that I have to write less.

Take a Break

I had Michael Palin’s Himalayas on in the background (it inspired my NaPoWriMo today), when it was first shown I didn’t agree with him making such a series and being paid, I thought a Python could afford to front the trip from his own pocket. Having seen John Cleese on stage with his Alimony Tour a few years ago I am not sure this assumation was right.

Besides the book has beautiful pictures and I am glad to catch up with the televised trip now I am over a decade older, wiser and more appreciative of travel and cultures.

Back on Task (Almost)

I completed the 2nd leg of the NaNoWriMo manuscript and had some Brunch.

I watched the Got To Dance Auditions, I miss dancing! There were some great group auditions and I agree that ‘Rough Diamond’ are beyond a polished, 3 Gold Star Act. Wow! Intense.

It inspired me and spurred me on to shine like a diamond and complete my NaNo Word count! I went back to the April Schedule and my manuscript. My hope to finish at lunchtime now over – it’s nearly midday and I am 300 words away. Still as I had brunch I will still be done before MY lunchtime!

All Done

And I am FINALLY done – slam-dunked the 1667 target again 1817.

3552 words in 2 days that’s at least 1552 more words than I would have written without camp!

It felt hard again even in three sittings, but I realised something as I completed the count. This is it! This is the life I want. The writer’s life for me!

It may be hard but it’s nothing compared to some other ways I have earned money and it IS something I want to do.

So I quit my mental whining and got stuck to the keypad. I imagined that this was my dream, that this was it, full-time and the last 300 words seemed to gush out!

The Sun is still shining and the sky is still blue – novel! It has usually clouded over by now. I am now going to spend some time blogging and then go home to pack boxes, cook, relax, read and possibly write some more!

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  1. That is quite an impressive number of words. I am not quite sure what you are doing but it sounds vigorous. You are still choosing to write here and even send comments. WOW! Enjoy.

    • Thanks, I am on holiday at the moment and by avoiding all chores, I found the time!
      I’ve signed up for both camp NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo so I am writing a poem a day and aiming for just over 1500 on my current manuscript which is non-fiction, other than that I am still freelancing & researching. I blog on my breaks!
      I think I may be found in a heap by May!!!

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