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NaPowriMo Day 22# 22/30 ‘A Bride Before I Die’ – A Special Bucket List


Inspired by an interview.

The Bucket List

The list is always written

Fuelled by dreams,

Expectation that you can tick

hopes off one by one.

Sometimes life takes the lead and

ticks you off the list early.

There is so much you still want to do.

A limited time, an unknown entity

A fatal disease.

You could curl up and start to die before

your time,

Cry tears over the paper and smudge the ink

of your dreams

Or you can read the list and start living.

She lives.

She lives for now.

Her simple hopes for her and her son.

A marriage to a model

In frames only,

the beauty of her special day dream

captured forever,

For always.

There are things listed that she only

dreamt of doing,

Simple things that I have done

Year on year without even

realising the importance

of the steps in the life

I have already walked.


When Kayleigh Duff was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she thought her dream of a fairytale wedding would never come true – until her friend Katie stepped in to save the day.

Kayleigh Duff was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer more than a year ago and since that day, the 23-year-old mother of one vowed to live life to the full, drawing up a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. 

On her list was her dream to have a fairytale wedding, which her best friend Katie organised for her – including a hired male model to be her groom.


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Kayleigh, best friend Katie Birch and bucket-list husband Danny Wisker were interviewed on This Morning today.