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NaNoWriMo Day 9# 9/30


2013-Participant-Facebook-Cover tenk

I managed camp today in a few sittings and am happy with both my wordcount and the quality of what I produced.

3115326-a-variety-of-donuts-in-a-takeaway-box Giving myself a virtual pat on the back with donuts – the only calorie free kind!! Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm!

Keep going April writers – WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Average Words Per Day 1,667

Your Average Per Day 1,352

Words Written Today 1,552 WHOAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Target Word Count 50,000

Total Words Written 12,174

Words Remaining 37,826

Current Day 9

Days Remaining 22

At This Rate You Will Finish On May  7, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,720


A Slice of Life Challenge #2 Good Friends (& Why I Write)


What a week it has been! I am struggling to think back more than a few days, it has been a week filled with excitement, firsts, achievements and love.

I have spent a lot of hours writing (as I on holiday from work), I am managing to keep up with the NaPoWriMo Poetry challenge, a poem a day is so easy for me and I like the fact that I get to almanac April this way. Camp NaNoWriMo is a slightly different story, (pun intended) I am nearly 12,000 words in which is a huge achievement in 9 days, well 8…. as I took Saturday off.

Saturday was the best writing day so far this year, I have set myself a very limited budget for classes and workshops – I would love to do more, will just need to make money from the writing to boost the budget. (Great incentive!) I went into the City (I drove in – achievement 1) and spent the day with like minded souls at a writer’s workshop. We have formed a small network (there were only 12 places available) and that may lead to more possibilities for all of us.

I was so nervous, I don’t know why, I booked it, paid for it, wanted to do it… but I just panicked last minute, but it was like a duck to water and I really enjoyed the experience! (Achievement 2) I have realised, after 3 months of writing that we all need to learn and I have been out of the game for 6 years, there have been many developments in that time.

I have started working on a few freelance submissions for April too which I will need to finish this weekend – I can’t believe we will be half way through the month by next weekend! Let’s not wish this week away! (Achievement 3)

And as for my life – I have managed to spend quality time with my family and lovely, gorgeous, entertaining nephews and Mr G! I have packed a few boxes (achievement 4) and …. the challenge of the week, I had been planning to visit a good friend, I finally did the route maps! A very LONG journey ahead, the longest I have ever made. . . I nearly backed out (panic setting in again), I was hours late leaving, I got lost once and drove the wrong way twice – but I made it! (Achievement 5)

I have spent a lovely few days up here and I will feel I have done things before I have to go back to work.

Another wonderful week to be glad for.




I can’t NOT write, I live, breathe, read and dream words.

I am made from words.

I have always escaped and explained through words.

Words make me happy.

Words keep me safe.

Words never turn against me.

Words are always going to mean something.

Language is life.

A gift is a hand dealt.

If you key into what it is you were born

to do and you deny yourself

You will cause your own catastrophic destruction.

There is no choice.

I cannot ignore it.

I write

because I have to.

It is what I am.

I live words

I breathe words.

Without words – I would cease to exist.