Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2# 2/30 Smashed Word Count!



I spent half an hour writing and managed just over 600 words. My writing reached a natural conclusion. I took a break (my break consisting of writing for the blog and April Schedule) and then I returned to get closer to 1200 before breaking again (a real one this time with coffee!)

freestock coffee heart 

I spent half an hour producing around another 600 words. I only stopped because I reached a ‘I’ve got stuck point’… although I’d already toyed with the idea of writing today’s wordcount in three sittings and I am still delighted that I can do it all before lunch.

 It won’t be this easy when I am working again, but for now I needn’t think about that.

I read an article today offering 5 Tips For Success with NaNoWriMo, on the Faber Academy website.

2013-Participant-Lantern-Facebook-Profile The tips that struck me were;

1)      start the writing on the first day

If you missed it – make today your first day. Apparently the 1st day is often the hardest, no wonder I felt it so.

2)      Keeping the writing (wordcount) up, write every day.

3)      Don’t edit. NaNoWriMo is about writing, writing and editing are separate.

However, knowing how long editing and proofing take me I have at least tried to correct spelling mistakes and have edited / re-read and changed the odd sentence here and there. 

My tips would be Facebook_cover

1)      Don’t think about it – do it.

2)      If you hear yourself whining and moaning under the pressure, remind yourself of non-writing work and see if you still feel the negativity inside.

3)      Keep going, just keep going!


I FINALLY did it! Slam dunked the 1667 target again 1817.

3552 words in 2 days that’s at least 1552 more words than I would have written without camp.

It felt hard again even in three sittings, but I realised something as I completed the count. This is the life I want. The writer’s life for me!

It may be hard but it’s nothing compared to some other ways I have earned money and it IS something I want to do.

So I quit my mental whining and got stuck in to the keypad. I imagined that this was my dream, that this was it, full-time and the last 300 words seemed to gush out.

Hope you have all had a good day at Camp! Let us know.  


I am happy to see the average decrease as I have days when I won’t be able to write for 3hours, this Saturday as I am at a workshop, from the for the final 10 days of the month as we will be back at work, next week as I am away for a while visiting a good friend.

I plan on sneaking a bit more writing out tonight and using it against the word count tomorrow! After all I am a camp ‘Rebel.’

Average Words Per Day


Your Average Per Day

1,776 (above Average! Yay!)

Words Written Today


Target Word Count


Total Words Written


Words Remaining


Current Day


Days Remaining


At This Rate You Will Finish On

April 29, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time



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  2. Nanowrimo totally overwhelms me. I hear your advice. I see the point, but I’m like a defiant child. Someday… I so admire your jumping right in with both feet. Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks Margaret, I think I jumped in with both feet before I gave myself a chance to consider what I was doing! Jumping without thinking is the only way I can make a leap of faith. I am cheating slightly (rebel tag) as I started working on a book about a decade ago that I recently picked up again this year, I have around 40,000 words now thanks to the camp! I have been forced to add about 1/8 of that in the last 48hrs! Ha!

      I also took time away from my m/s last month to complete all my freelance work! So I owe the book a lil’ 1 to 1 time. I am enjoying it so far, I think I miss the community support as my cabin mates are inactive, however I have found many bloggers are taking part!
      (I just wish they wouldn’t send Pingbacks to me without so much as a like or a comment! How rude! 😉 )

      Camping with defiant children is never much fun for the child or the campers… I would wait until you feel ready.
      But don’t fear it, it is only W R I T I N G! 🙂

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