Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo #10 Day 10/30 I have finally got the hang of this camping!



I decided to have a little look around the forum. I picked up some advice on motivation and have stopped worrying about the word count being behind.

I have reached a point where I need to complete more research anyway.

Best tip I found (if you have a sweet tooth)

is to line up 8 treats and after every 200 words or every 10 mins treat yourself. It will keep you writing if you want the treats!

Might try this method before the weekend!


Today’s Stats

Average Words Per Day 1,667
Your Average Per Day 1,347
Words Written Today 1,300
Target Word Count 50,000
Total Words Written 13,474
Words Remaining 36,526
Days Remaining 21
At This Rate You Will Finish On May 8, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time 1,740