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NaPoWriMo Day 3# 3/30 Extracts


The winds of change

are coming

I feel them in my bones,

The Marching feet and

rough voices

Tell me it is time to

find a new home.

An extract from today’s NaPoWriMo Poem




Camp NaNoWriMo Day 3# 3/30 – The Rebel inside is Unleashed!


Wednesday – 3 days in already and my rebellious streak makes it mark… I cheated … I create the latest word count last night, just covering bases as I have an extremely busy day. I was actually up at the crack of dawn and wrote another 1200 more words. I am saving them to declare tomorrow if need be!

Twe-et Tow-oomoon

I am definitely a NIGHT person, an owl writer. It must be the cosy safety of it all, after the day is done. Or maybe it is because prior to 2013 night time was my only writing time for 20 years!

8pm: I was working on the April schedule list and writing some freelance project to get me warmed up for camp. I started in my notebook and by half past 8 I was typing the manuscript. After 30mins I checked the word count – I am always producing just over 600 words by this point – which is good I think?

How many words would you write in half an hour if you were free-writing ideas from your head and scribbled notes?

600 approx it’s generally over 633 = 30 mins

 Anyway, I decided to play some tunes (I normally write in silence) and carry on, I knew if I took a break I’d end up setting my mind off and be unable to sleep in the next few hrs.

Feel the Burn3115326-a-variety-of-donuts-in-a-takeaway-box

I pushed on through (Oh, what music was I listening to?) I typed and typed and before I knew 30 words of notes had created 500 more. Eventually after the chapter reached a natural conclusion I curiously found the word count. 1868

Slam-dunked within the hour.

All done by 10pm with time to relax and go to bed!footer-camp

My Waking Thought2013-Participant-Campfire-Facebook-Profile

I think all this word counting is sending my mind into a downward spiral. I came home yesterday and couldn’t remember the X digit code for the secure entrance!

I desperately tried to find it in my phone – I had only stored the old one, it is changed every once in a while for security reasons. I just had to sit there at the gate with my engine off and wait for someone else to arrive or leave.

 It was actually a fairly quick way of accessing entry, quicker than all the combination attempts I could think of.

I would love to blame the word counting but to be honest this happened to me once last year, although I found the code and was pushing the correct combination but I hadn’t cleared my 1st original incorrect code attempt so it was not going to open for me no matter how many times I entered the code.

Hmmmmmm International Woman of mystery? CIA? I think I will have to stick to what I know for now! 007 Disaster!

And that’s why I am a perfect Camper!camping-tent-grass-15269945

Not a car or securely locked gate for miles! 


I wish the Cabin stats were looking this good! No-one is writing or talking apart from one other person.

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