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FWF – Free Write Friday – Baggage


“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
― Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free


We all carry baggage, make ourselves slaves to the weight. The older you grow the more you bear and there just isn’t space to waste all that precious time walking slowly, dragging the dead weight behind you. We are human and don’t have wings to take flight and escape gravity at a whim, instead you learn eventually that the lesson is to let go. That’s all we can do. People change us, we change ourselves, morphed into our present from the impact we have on others, pressures we have suffered or welcomed into our own lives.

Sometimes we are at fault, sometimes we are not to blame. We struggle to see the difference to realise the harm we can potentially cast on our lives. You have to believe that the best thing is to lay it all to rest. Forget it, forge ahead. Learn from mistakes, cover your mortal flesh in another layer of knowledge and move forward. Don’t look back, there are only ghosts there.

Hold onto yourself when you feel  dark shadows, forgive yourself for mistakes you may have made, forgive yourself for trusting the wrong people. Walk forwards knowing that the greatest gift is not time itself but the lesson of forgiveness. We are taught to forgive others, it is time we teach others how to forgive themselves first. Always start with I, you are the one and only.


Friday is a great writing night on WordPress. free-write-friday-kellie-elmore

Friday Fictioneers – Stone


Wasp nest


Mother kept dishes of potpourri, glass pebbles and decorative eggs. My collections come from the outside, I sometimes feel guilty about taking stones, we are not supposed to. I buy crystals from Rock Shops to make me feel better.

When I met Jerry, I knew he was the man for me, in his hall on a small table next to his telephone sat a black dish filled with stones, he had collected from the outside. Sitting beside the bed now, I hold his hand, inside our hands rests his favourite stone, I know it will heal quicker than a crystal.



It is Friday again and Rochelle has posted another inspiring image for Friday Fictioneers. Find out all about it and maybe even join in with the challenge.


10 TOP TIPS Surviving NaNoWriMo – Motivation to all Campers. Day 19# 19/30


I have had a hectic week, filled with work and writing time has been a scarce treasure. As I approach the weekend, I am hoping I will be able to put some time aside to catch up with the Camping (writing). I managed 2400 in one day and was very proud but there wasn’t many words logged the day before.


Here are the latest STATS:

Average Words Per Day 1,667

Your Average Per Day 1,299

Words Written Today 2,400

Target Word Count 50,000

Total Words Written 24,684

Words Remaining 25,316

Current Day 19

Days Remaining 12

At This Rate You Will Finish On May  9, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 2,110

Here I am keyboard on lap and here are my motivational tips, which will be a great read for all of you are falling behind schedule or needing a team of cheerleaders to get you through.

1887_10151445597274299_407250955_n10 TOP TIPS FOR CAMP  1887_10151445597274299_407250955_n

1) Close your eyes, relax and think back to why you signed up to NaNo Camp in the first place.

(Are you smiling yet?)

2) Do you remember the exciting butterflies inside on the 31st of March?

3) Relight that yearning to succeed, remember what it felt like at the bottom of the mountain, base camp.

4) Hold onto that feeling and project it onto the last 11 days of camp.

If, like me, you are approaching half way and freaking out that we are 2/3rds through…. try to forget the maths.

Concentrate on words, most writers are more comfortable with them anyway!

5) Look not to the future (words remaining) with worry, instead take a glance back down the mountain and see how far you have come.

6) Convert that pride into this thought – without camp NaNoWriMo you probably wouldn’t have written anywhere this number of words.

If I was lucky I would have written 3000- 4000 words so far this month and here I am dancing on 24,684!

7) Just keep going.

8) There is no secret ‘winning formula’, if you are behind, forgive yourself and then move on. You can find time to create more words.

9) Take some time to think about your story. We are writing cold and that is hard even for the most professional amongst us.

10) Attempt some sort of order. I know NaNo is about writing and the ethos is not to edit down but to continue to write up.

However, I have read countless posts about how people are still working on editing NaNaWriMo manuscripts from last year.

I have started my NaNo work in separate folders and have tried to write it with notes to help me edit afterwards.

I was trying to write it in order, that proved too tricky when I got stuck at around 16000 words.

Hope this helps, happy writing. 876888088fc463a79a8ff4ef4fd34e7f

NaPoWriMo Day 19# 19/30 Extracts A Day in A Life


I went to find the prompt today – it hasn’t been posted yet. So I will continue to create my own poems. Hope you read the one I wrote at 4 a.m … here’s a link: https://awritersfountain.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/panic-at-ten-to-four/

A day In A Life

Decisions made

Conversations had

Dust once settled

Gets wiped away.

One swift movement,



Panic at Ten to Four!


I wake

from a bad dream,

my eyes sealed tight,

I hear the ticking of

the alarm clock,

and then another.

I haven’t got another

clock in




Panic rises like bile

shooting through every

nerve ending


I keep my eyes tightly shut.


See no evil.

I can hear it,

the more I panic the more

clocks join in.

A chorus of terror.


I start to will it to stop

pray the choir of demons away.

My eyes are still shut.

I am hoping it is a night terror,

I didn’t wake up…

I am still asleep…

More clocks join the savage


Mind slowly wakes up,

it is the





and wind

thrasing against the window.


I open my eyes,

it is pitch black.

I reach for the clock…

the storm lasts for fifteen minutes.

Tired mind, tired eyes, overactive imagination

body pumped

full of adrenalin.

The bedside clock