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5th and Final Submission of the Month


I may have completely missed the deadline as I was messing around with PDF converters and making final edits to the new poems.

I sent them anyway – so that’s the 5th Submission this month – I missed 3 others I was aiming for as 4 days away from the Blogland wasn’t enough to complete that many short stories and I had a few busy days in between too, more information on that later. That’s 19 submissions this year.


Monthly Review – May 2013: Including a Poll – Please VOTE!


The write year UPDATED


That was May, a month that disappeared even quicker than April!typer

This month I continued my training in the craft of writing, attending 3 fantastic weekend workshops at the Theatre in Script writing, led by Alan Harris, a Welsh playwright. I met some great writers and have posted a weekly review of this experience on the blog;

I also started my Writing Classes in the City – on writing for children taken by Clare Belle. They are very useful and informative.

chn bks

I have also reached beyond the half way point of my online writing course in Rhetorical Composition, it helped me write and present a pitch this week – my 1st EVER pitch went well.cloud_writing2

Unlike April I managed to balance the schedule so I had time to work on submissions as well as training writing.

I managed 5 submissions this month (that’s 19 this year), 4 were poetry, one was a short story (my 1st Urban Fantasy), the story was kindly rejected with some of the sweetest email rejection notes I have ever received. I wait to hear about the rest. One of the 4 poetry entries was a competition – would be great to win that would pay for the writing classes. Or if I win higher up on the podium will reimburse the theatre writing course also.


I missed 2 opportunities for short stories that I ran out of time to finally write – the ideas are half formed in my journal, I will finish the projects and wait for somewhere to submit the stories. I am currently working on a short play & my 6th college submission!

camp_mastheadCamp NaNoWriMo, what already? The summer camp is July this year, I have already started the preparation and will be posting articles, tips and ideas to help any of you who are considering it. I know what I am writing


Genre (Romance)

length 30-35,000

which is fabulous because in the 1st camp (April) I completed 54000 words and it nearly finished me off! I already have a market and hope by the end of the camp to spend a short time editing and redrafting before submitting my first book manuscript this summer. If it works out great, if not I will look into e-publishing. I guarantee (to myself) that whatever I produce in the camp this summer, will be available for the public to read.


My Non-fiction manuscript from Nano Camp April still needs words – about another 40-50,000 words and some top class editing, although I have not had a chance to look back and work on this manuscript I LIVED ITfooter-camp last month and think a step away can only be beneficial.

I have completed some market research and found an opportunity to use a publishing house that doesn’t expect 100,000 and will accept less. My concern at the end of camp was there wasn’t enough content to stretch to a book of this length.

paper-notesI have also completed research in writing for children, the picture book market and writing short plays.

As for Awritersfountain, I am delighted with the growth of my blog. I thank you all for following, commenting and liking. It means a lot to me.

We have had 58 new followers blogging that takes us over followed-blog-200-1x

Received1 Blog Award200533564-001best-moment-award-2 this was actually awarded to the Blog at the end of April but I missed it off last month’s review.

I hope the blog will continue to fill me with positivity and creativity, thank you all.

And in the real world…

I completed the workshops and writing classes, did something important, made a big decision, made an application, received good news, had a wonderful experience, that didn’t lead to an open door but has led to more contacts and renewed faith.

A productive month:

1 short story  5000
10 poems
3 workshops
2 writing classes
2 uni course assignments
 Blog 220 followers
1 award Best Moment

And in the galaxy far, far away from the tip tapping of writing keys… this month;

Mr G and I have managed to get our allotment even more ready, with beans, broccoli and sprouts. He had some help from a friend too as lots of digging was needed! (That’s the bit I can’t do as my back is too weak.)

We have also MOVED MOUNTAINS with our current life plan/ mission, we completed on the house, exchanged contracts, got the keys, booked workmen, jobs started this week and tomorrow we are going around to make a start on the garden!

And I managed to spend a few hours socialising with friends I have not seen since New Year as I have been a hermit.

I have managed to pack a few boxes – but not nearly enough – especially in the light of recent events and I have found time to go to work also!

Thanks for following,

Hope you all had an enjoyable May!


Happy writing x

Friday Fictioneers – Finale


Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

Corrine shouldn’t have taken it but she hadn’t wanted the night to end, not yet. No-one had noticed.

Hannah was delighted her plan worked. For months she prayed Jasmine would fall ill, and in the end, all an understudy had to do in this town was bed the Director. Textbook.

After the curtain call Hannah had decided to stay in costume but not character to celebrate. Guilty she’d worn the beautiful dress home, she decided to hang it outside. As she stepped out onto the cold, metal fire escape, Corrine O.Ded silently slumped over on the bathroom floor next door.


FWF – Wordbank Poem – The Lovers




sweet – lavender – flute – heir – willow – bask



The lovers bask under the guardian of Sun

Dreaming and whispering sweet thoughts to each other.

Rolling over under the willow tree,

Promising their futures will be shared

they wrap themselves in the lavender blanket

and embrace the infinite journey of new sensations.

Champagne flutes collide at their feet,

The lovers fill each other

oblivious to anything other than

their world

consumed by all senses

they disappear inside to the place

where only spirits dance.

That afternoon after the picnic

and one entwined collision of majestic proportions

they created their heir.




3rd & 4th Submissions of the Month


I have just managed to complete the 3rd and 4th submissions of this month, both poetry, 1 for publication and the other for a competition. These are my 17th & 18th submissions of the year so far.
I am not sending out as much material as I imagined I would. However, for the limited writing time I can schedule I am doing okay. Especially as this month has been filled by training – read more later in my End of the Month Review (COMING SOON)

Off to work on the rest of the submissions I am hoping to make this morning!

Made it back for Friday!


The good news is…

I am still busy creating submissions, I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

The electricians have started work on our house! (Exciting) and I have been on an Adventure of Opportunity over the past few days too!

As well as writing poetry, a short story and embarking on a playscript, I have managed to complete research on writing and marketing. It feels like I have been in this bubble of the written word for longer than a few days!


Going Underground



imagesCAU5IGRX Today I have used the Bank Holiday to complete research, update my writing schedule & make up time on this month’s writing.

I have realised just how close the end of the month is and how much writing I still need to achieve. cloud_writing2I have managed to complete reviews for assignment 4 and complete assignment 5 reading on the Ohio University Course. Happy I can tick something off the to do list.

I have a busy week involving cars, houses and work in addition I have 4 pieces I would like to work on and finish before the end of the month.

This is possible. I may have to stay offline,  I am going for Gold though.


I hope to be done before the weekend , that way I will have time to complete my ‘homework’ for my writing class & prep for work the following week.


I will be off the blog until my work is done. I hope you still come to splash about, check some Archive posts, January was a good month! There is plenty to read & comment on.

For now I must go and do what I do… & write!


Why You Should Free Write


Free Writing

I was first introduced to Free Writing at college. I love free writing and recognise the importance of this activity.

Since January I have written everyday, for the past month I have also started a morning free write.

I wake up and Free Write first thing in the morning for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about what you write. Sometimes you can use these writes to grasp ideas or characters but more often than not a morning free write is just about the mechanism of writing. By ritualistically practising daily you will improve your writing.

Go for quantity not quality – try to keep your pen moving – even if you have to doodle before another idea or image pops into your head.

If my mind has wandered I usually pick an object I can see and start describing it to get my mind back on track.

Resist editing and keep writing.

I keep my morning free writes in a separate journal.

If I am getting up for work, pushed for time or struggling – I do just 5 minutes.

The important thing is to DO IT!






I would love to hear your thoughts, do you free write?

Picture It & Write – Keepers


By Jeffrey Smith

By Jeffrey Smith


The wind howls a song of lamentation,

stirring the sea into a rage of

lurid poison.

Phantoms of the dead keepers


breaking their seaweed shackles

they haul their heavy souls

up the steps

to the door.

The Lighthouse Keeper

hears a sound more terrifying than

the raging storm.


Writing Workshop – III – The End of the Trilogy


Writing Workshop 3/3

imagesCADQ6RA1 It was quite sad at the end of our final workshop, such a good group of people. Some very talented writers and lots of shared passion. My hope is in the future we can collaborate on some projects together and keep in touch with opportunities and writing lives.

It was another fab workshop from Alan Harris at the Courtyard Theatre. I have pages and pages of ideas and advice in my writing journal now and can’t wait to make a start penning!

I won’t miss the early Saturday mornings or the long drive (I think I have damaged my accelerating leg – very hilly area of the world!) but I shall miss the creativity, the learning, the sense of purpose and the amazing group of writers I met.

I didn’t get a chance to write a short play for Scratch Night, but I plan to reunite with everyone by watching the performance on the 4th July. I also plan to get writing ready for next year. There are plenty of opportunities I have found out about this year that I didn’t get a chance to do- I have listed them in the writing journal on pages marked 2014… this is truly my year for discovery.

You can’t beat a good practitioners workshop, we all learnt so much today!quality-mark

Again I arrived home full of hope and adrenalin, fuelled by my passion for writing passion. I was asleep within 3 hours of getting in – which is a shame as I watched a Murder Mystery and will now never know the resolution or the murderer!

I said it last week – I will say it again- I would really encourage workshops, whatever stage of your career you’re at!