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Slice of Life


I forgot last Tuesday that it was Tuesday and I was gutted when I woke up on Wednesday and realised I had missed the slice!
I won’t bore you with a fortnight, let’s keep this slice a healthy size.

Work is increasing in demands and energy. My writing schedule is mainly based on NaNowriMo and my Non-fiction manuscript I know that I have already missed several writing opportunities this month and as much as I love the camp and the chance of experiencing it before November, I wish I had put in for less than 50,000 words. I have managed to crack 30,000 words tonight though which I am so delighted with.

I have been waiting since 16,000 words to get to 30K.

I have booked onto several more writing ventures in the past few weeks, I have booked onto a writing course and have a network meeting set up over the next few months. I am happy with the way that my writing life is heading for now. I recognise that I need some new training input as the world of writing was very different last time I was a freelance writer.

I am going to watch Redcrosse perform poetry tomorrow (The day after St. George’s Day.) Which I am looking forward to.

Mr G and I have visited the allotment 3 times in the past week – our 1st time since the Autumn, I have managed to recover 14 of our 16 strawberry plants – lost 2 to frost. Mr G has been really busy digging plots over and has today managed to plant all the potatoes. Yehaaa!

Not a lot else to report on this slice or if there is I can no longer recall it!

Enjoy your week slicers x

And here is a little extra – Over on Two Writing Teachers blog they have asked us to write about what writing feels like to us. This is what I posted;

“How does writing feel to you?”

Writing feels like a comfortable winter jumper, pulled on to warm you from the cold.
Writing feels like a hug.
Writing is a union – a lifelong commitment between my pen and me.
Writing feels like the thing I am meant to do.
It feels like holding a slice of heaven in my heart!

AND HAPPY ST. GEORGE’S DAY! flower045-for-st-georgeMap-of-the-UK-with-the-St-Georges-Flag-1848837


NaNoWriMo A day of Few Words



The sunshine came out today so Mr G and I took advantage after work and planted crops in the allotment. I have managed some words since yesterday and I am proud of that after a very big day at work.

imagesCAY08TDAHere are my stats for the day (I saw a really good way to display these on another blog – I might try it tomorrow when I have more time!)

Average Words Per Day 1,667

Your Average Per Day 1,360

Words Written Today 2,000

Target Word Count 50,000

Total Words Written 31,302

Words Remaining 18,698

Current Day 23

Days Remaining 8

At This Rate You Will Finish On May  7, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 2,338



NaPoWriMo Day 23# 23/30 Extracts


Gathered together friends in a room

discussing conspiracy theories,

Wisdom imparted – opinions shared.


‘It’s the same thing,’

There was a big story about this, that

and the other,

Facts shared.

Threats exposed.


I feel the fear

and all I am doing

is listening!