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NaNoWriMo Day 15 & Day 16 – Updated


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Camp, camp, camping…

camping-tent-Download-Royalty-free-Vector-File-EPS-2116 We are all MORE than half way through the camp – that means my manuscript should be approaching 26,000 words, I am short of this by 4000 but hope to do several big writes before the weekend.

As I was offline Monday I managed 3184 words in 2 sittings – one before work and one after.

Average Words Per Day  1667

Your Average Per Day 1361

Words Written Today 3,184

Target Word Count50,000

Total Words Written21,782

Words Remaining28,218

Current Day16Days


At This Rate You Will Finish OnMay  7, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time1,882


Tuesday (yesterday) was not such a great success, I woke late and had no time to write before work, I worked late, had several meetings and then Mr G. and I started the Spring Allotment Prep, much needed – I spent longer discovering how many strawberry plants had made it through the frost of winter than writing.

It was late when we got in, I had work to do and only managed 502 words on the manuscript.

I did discover how to communicate with other campers through email – that might sound like I am a complete techno dummy, there are 2 websites and apart from checking in the forum posts from time to time – I spend most of my time logged into the Camp rather than NaNoWriMo, not that I am in a particularly chatty cabin, only 2/5 of us are active.

Now I have a further 2 campers in my support circle, plus other wordpress Nano Bloggers…. hopefully this will be enough to carry me through the next 28,000 words!

Average Words Per Day1,667

Your Average Per Day1,392

Words Written Today3,686 (502 from Tuesday)

Target Word Count50,000

Total Words Written22,284

Words Remaining27,716

Current Day16Days Remaining15

At This Rate You Will Finish OnMay  6, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time1,848


Forgive the formatting of the STATS copied from email.

NaPoWriMo Day 15 & Day 16# 15/30 & 16/30 Extracts – Post Updated


Day 16 (The day I ran out of time online to post.)

A truth told,
a hidden layer.
The room
makes me feel
You will never leave
me alone.
Even though you
are no longer here,
the walls absorbed
your dark spirit.

Liberty Paisley Notebook






Day 15 (The day I had no internet access!)

A stunned city.
Smoke rising
people running

for a different
reason now.
Fast reactions
of many
already there
in role,
roles changed.
Lives saved.

Around the
people’s thoughts



Liberty Paisley Notebook

Past the Halfway Point.


Unlike many bloggers I did not post on the day that marked the halfway point of Camp NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo… this was not some intentional stand, I unfortunately left my phone at work and arrived home too late for public access. I was offline, the upshot is I managed OVER 3000 words on my manuscript, WOW!


Well done to all who have made it this far, although I wasn’t online I added to my Camp number count and wrote a poem.

Keep going, keep writing, keep sharing.

Happy Camping 🙂