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FWF – Free Write Friday 2# Wordplay Foreplay



I take you slowly in my arms,

Hold you close to my chest.

Let you slide down gradually,

My hands holding on tightly

to your sides.

As we move

closer to the table.

I take your top carefully

in my hands

and twist and pull

until you are revealed.

The sweet nectar of your scent.

Smells of Friday Night

Released as you turn,

We are to share once more.

I take your weight and hold onto you

with care I gently tilt your body

over the table,

You hover over the glass rim,

And then you are free,

Released into the stream of the

Music fuelled evening.

I hold onto you until you have filled

and emptied

and then I put your top carefully back on.

All that’s missing

Is the kiss!

I loved this week’s Friday Free Write challenge – I have had fun reading and guessing some of yours. I hope you have enjoyed this one… it is longer than expected… I just couldn’t stop!

Take a guess. Last chance before you scroll down.


To join in the Freewrites use the FWF Icon at the top of the post and visit the blog.

This is what the prompt this week is all about:

Wordplay – Foreplay: Make the ordinary…sexy.

I was given this prompt once: to take an ordinary task/object and make it sexy. To write about my selected subject in an intimate way, playing on words so that the reader would be unaware (and maybe blush a bit). I am passing this challenge along to you. Think you are up for it? You can always reveal your subject at the end OR you can leave us to guess, which in my opinion, is way more fun! The following is my reply to the prompt. To help you better understand, I have revealed my subject at the end. – Kellie Elmore

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5# 5/30 It is like Breaking a Diet & Crashing a Spaceship!


Oh, dear! I have just found out that writing UNDER the average word count for a few days is equivalent to the damage having the odd biscuit has on a diet!

I am now UNDER the place I should be 5 days in!

Average Words Per Day
Your Average Per Day
Words Written Today
Target Word Count
Total Words Written
8,120……………………………………… this should be 8335
Words Remaining
Current Day
Days Remaining
At This Rate You Will Finish On
May 1, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time
But just like breaking a diet with a couple of biscuits, I am only 215 words behind!
I can make that back easily in my next write, which will be tomorrow night as I am out at a workshop tomorrow.
Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5# 5/30 Brain, we have a Problem!


Mission Control

 I entered my Camp NNWM word count (1500) for Thursday from my Wednesday writing overspill (Rebel!). I hadn’t time to pop into both camps during the day and write. Although I was very pleased with my Camp NaPoWriMo poetry! (A Tribute to Iain Banks)

 I came home via seeing my nephews with the MISSION: TO WRITE! 

… Writing… Check

It was 7pm before I got on the laptop.

I fell asleep after half an hour (and just over 600) words.

I decided to wake myself up with some Easter chocolate and TV.

My brain was still thinking about my manuscript.


Back on board and feeling more awake by 9pm I managed to write the same amount of words again.

The important part of this write was my content rather than the word count. I have written notes to guide me through the facts and information and what pleased me the most was ¾ of a page of notes created over 1200 words and many of them flowed quickly though me. 

Ground Control to Anyone

The one thing I am concerned about is how I am going to feel afterwards.

I re-read the Camp writes to make sure I haven’t produced 1000’s of words that I will need to edit or cut from the final m/s.

Maybe I am being a little critical, but at best it is a series of episodic events that need to be linked and brought together – this challenge will be the 1st area I work on after Camp. Then I go to the editing and proofreading chalets I guess!

On Course or Crashing?footer-camp

 I have found a few Blogs I follow belonging to people attempting Camp NaNoWriMo and not everybody is a first timer like me.

What I want to know is how YOU FEEL after you manage your daily count?

(Whether it is enough words or not!)

Right now I am ready to lie down and make like Sleeping Beauty for 100 years or something! 

It is common to feel drained after a big write (go find my end of Feb archives if you want to read examples) it is unusual to feel empty though. Like I have nothing left to give. AND NOW I AM 215 words behind where I should be!

 I wanted to add the last 300 words to meet my average count and I couldn’t, I had nothing left to write… yet this blog post is 404 and it has just come straight out onto the screen.


What’s the difference? Genre? Detail? Accuracy? Context? Enjoyment? Authority? Targets & deadlines?

Funny old world, the writer’s brain!

I wrote more on the manuscript today, my NaPoWriMo poem and completed 2 hours of research. I have spent most of the day panicking about the workshop tomorrow.


Friday Fictioneers – 100 Word Story – The Children’s Tree.




I envied the children in Paxton Close they had the tree. It stood outside Mark and Richard’s. In the summer we would sit underneath it, when I ran away, it was my destination. I could still see my bedroom window.

Calming, gnarled old tree missed the field in which it used to stand, surrounded by wild grass instead of muddy children, yet it watched over us as we grew up.

Decades later, all the families have been replaced. I drive past sometimes and thank it for the memories. It stands firm ready to nurture the next generation of muddy children.


NaPoWriMo Day 5# 5/30 In the Night – Extract


In the Night

Wake in a panic of sweat,

Sheets twisted around your body

like an awkward shroud.

Your waking thought

fears it will be this way.

You have dreamt a map

of destiny in these small hours.