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Picture It & Write – Keepers


By Jeffrey Smith

By Jeffrey Smith


The wind howls a song of lamentation,

stirring the sea into a rage of

lurid poison.

Phantoms of the dead keepers


breaking their seaweed shackles

they haul their heavy souls

up the steps

to the door.

The Lighthouse Keeper

hears a sound more terrifying than

the raging storm.


Writing Workshop – III – The End of the Trilogy


Writing Workshop 3/3

imagesCADQ6RA1 It was quite sad at the end of our final workshop, such a good group of people. Some very talented writers and lots of shared passion. My hope is in the future we can collaborate on some projects together and keep in touch with opportunities and writing lives.

It was another fab workshop from Alan Harris at the Courtyard Theatre. I have pages and pages of ideas and advice in my writing journal now and can’t wait to make a start penning!

I won’t miss the early Saturday mornings or the long drive (I think I have damaged my accelerating leg – very hilly area of the world!) but I shall miss the creativity, the learning, the sense of purpose and the amazing group of writers I met.

I didn’t get a chance to write a short play for Scratch Night, but I plan to reunite with everyone by watching the performance on the 4th July. I also plan to get writing ready for next year. There are plenty of opportunities I have found out about this year that I didn’t get a chance to do- I have listed them in the writing journal on pages marked 2014… this is truly my year for discovery.

You can’t beat a good practitioners workshop, we all learnt so much today!quality-mark

Again I arrived home full of hope and adrenalin, fuelled by my passion for writing passion. I was asleep within 3 hours of getting in – which is a shame as I watched a Murder Mystery and will now never know the resolution or the murderer!

I said it last week – I will say it again- I would really encourage workshops, whatever stage of your career you’re at!