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SOLC – A Slice of Life – A Busy Week


Tuesday Slice of Lifesols_blue
Unfortunately once again my brain blanked the day after I got home from work and Twilight training last night, that and I am still pumped about finishing my Camp NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo challenges!

I am posting my Tuesday slice on Wednesday and hope it still gets read! The comments are closed so I can’t post the link, but here is my big portion this week slice!

A whirlpool week, it makes me dizzy thinking about it!
Very busy work week, finished Camp NaNoWriMo and despite being behind my average for 96% of the time, caught up and exceeded the 50K late Monday night!
The grand total word count (let’s hope I can validate it) is
53,920 words! I think the Validation counted Chapter headings or something else too because my final stats were posted as 54,089
How great is that? I am swinging from the rooftops with happiness over this major accomplishment and generally forgetting what day it is!

I also signed up for an Online Writing Course with a University, it started on 22nd, I joined on 28th and my 1st assignment was due 29th! Nothing like living on the writing edge! I managed it and made the submission. I am sure the next one will be harder. Have had a quick look at material, sent last night. Hoping to make a start on it today, if I am still awake, have some meetings and then Mr G and I are allotment bound after work in the evening.

I went to see Redcrosse perform last Wednesday in the City (only got lost once), traffic was a nightmare after work getting there, which is a worry because in a fortnight I start my real life writing course in the city.

I decided 2013 should be my training year (formal) as I haven’t really had any since the 90’s and so much has changed in the world of publishing and commercial tastes, writing itself remains much the same, there is no harm in a refresher though! (I have spent the annual budget I set aside for such things already) hope to plug the rest of the gaps through free online courses.

Today also sees the rounding up the month messages. I may review the month of April over the weekend, so ignore construction threads if you find any.

My week was mainly
Work – friends – allotments – food – sleep – reading – writing- Camp NaNo and NaPo – manuscripts – watching films – making plans with Mr G. – feeling exhausted and drained and a lot of forgetting what day it was!