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SOLC – A Triple Slice of Life


Slice of Life Tuesday – I have not been able to post for 3 weeks – either been offline or confused with the day!  So this is a triple decker, a mighty slice of life, a big, three week munch of a slice – in reverse order! cute cupcakes, vector

sols_blueFind out what it’s all about!

  • This week– feels like 100 days not just 7!

Work is currently a flux of action, assessments, reviews, changes and sweat and tears. I started my writing classes, Wednesday night classes on Writing for Children. children-s-books-19449416(Back of the head ideas). It takes an hour to drive to the city after work and I was ready to collapse with lack of food and tiredness after work last week. It was like a day off working Thursday! I was in in the morning which meant I could get busy writing Thursday afternoon. I was so tired Thursday and Friday I was asleep by 8pm!

We organised more electrical quotes at the new house and popped in for post a few times – very excited! Can’t wait!

I managed a couple of submissions, poetry and a fantasy short story. On Saturday I went to my 2nd script writing workshop – a great group.

Sunday we were at the allotment in the sun, followed by an afternoon and evening of work. Monday was one of those days that doesn’t deserve to be almanaced or remembered.imagesCAMWGQ2S

And today I have worked, attended meetings, made a ton of phone calls, worked late, signed house paperwork, found out about 1st ever deposit into my 1st ever joint account (do your read the excitement?) I have also spent the past 3hrs completing my 4th college assignment!

Exhausted – bed time now!

cute cupcakes, vectorLast Week

Another Twilight training session began the working week, followed by a last minute rush on a college assignment, I predicted it would take 1hr tops, poor Mr G I was there on the laptop for 3 hours, with all the students (1000’s) the site was crashing and the forum and platform posts for assignments were taking hours to appear.

(Incase you are not a regular reader of my blog) – I signed onto my 1st Online Writing course at the end of April and I have found it and the submission deadlines hardcore!

I managed to submit Assignment 2 in time and started working on the heavy research schedule for Assignment/ Part 3 of the course. Let’s hope the tech doesn’t let us down this time.

By the weekend I had completed all the research and burnt the midnight–all-day-oil on Sunday to get assignment 3 completed before work starting up again. It took best part of 9 hrs but I got it done!

I also had several meetings in Banks as Mr G and I were exchanging contracts on our new house! Which we FINALLY (after finding it mid January) completed on yesterday and we are now proud owners of new keys!

I attended the first of 3 scriptwriting workshops over the weekend. It was immensely useful.

This week I have discovered new genres and attempted writing around them.

I am currently working on a short story and some poems for submission.

And PACKING BOXES – lots of boxes! cardboard-box

The week before-

Tuesdaycute cupcakes, vector

I had paperwork (lots of it) to complete this weekend, we had a 3 day weekend so I would have expected it to be complete as usual for Sunday evening. I have struggled with it this week and it has taken twice as long as normal, part of the time (2.5hrs) had to be completed before I went into work today.

I started early (before 8 a.m) after this I ate brunch & posted my latest genre request onto my blog. Just before I logged out, I checked my emails…*

On Saturday I had my 2nd College assignment to turn in with a 9pm UTC deadline.

I made 3 mistakes which resulted in a missed deadline!

I thought we were 4 – 6 hrs behind – we were for Camp NaNoWriMo! My error was forgetting the multitude of time differences across the states of America! My 2nd mistake was, after being out all day I got to see Mr G and watched some recorded (oh the irony) TV programmes.

By the time I finished my writing it was a few minutes to the 9pm deadline (10pm for us), I log in and have 60 secs to post, should have been find, they have taken over 1000 students and I think hundreds were all trying to do the same thing. Assignment closed.

All over the forum posts grew about the missed deadline, some people had neglected to do 4 hrs research (I did this Friday night) and was quite an expert in expectations, objectives and course outlines. I also rallied people to complain hard (I was a member of Youth C.N.D and won political debates at school against older kids, a born soapbox activist.) I didn’t hold much hope – I didn’t tell my classmates that.

Then the second deadline passed and the forum was inidated with people complaining that Wex hadn’t sent them any material to review – we have 4 to complete by Weds. 2-4hrs work as the site runs slowly! If you are reading this, I have been to the library, written & posted my reviews and have completed assignment 2 without losing course credit. imagesCANYEEWS

It is a real lesson on speaking up and speaking out. And that many voices are strong. That and there were technical problems across the platforms and many people threatening to drop the course, which as it is the 1st time they have run it wouldn’t have looked any good on there target spreadsheets.

IT FEELS GOOD! And I am 75% completed as I write.

*Ohio State University Online learning.

Thank you, Universe!

The world since last Tuesday has been busy, full of activity, demanding, challenging, tiring, hectic and eventful (was just chasing the synonyms there… having just discovered ‘how to’ on Word.) I also learnt how to load full size photos to WordPress & displaying copyright. It is such an action packed week, I am going to offer you three slices!

Life  –

Twilight training, assessments, allotment in the sunshine, all strawberry plants rescued and rhubarb free from weeds. Plots dug over, everything planted ready. Exciting time (now Summer finally arrived), water and wait! The whole planet missed Spring I think stuck in a perpectual winter.

Things are moving forward with the house buying and we hope to have the keys very soon. We are at the meetings and money stage.

Writing Life  – imagesCA6R9C43

Who said anything about having a rest after Camp Nanowrimo? Just before the end of April I enrolled in a free online writing course with Ohio State University, if you’re interested in reading more follow the links.

This week I have been working on the 2nd assignment.

I have embarked on a journey with a new genre. Horror. Psychological horror I think possibly. Again there is a Flash and a plea for help follow the links if you dare! Mwhahahahaha

I completed several hours research for the college assignment (4hrs) & some more on areas of interest, some of which I am sure to share on the blog at some point.

Last Saturday I attended a writers network meeting, apart from getting lost en route and arriving late (eek) it was good, I met some fellow writers, some of who were retired (enviable, as I am trying to squeeze work and income in this writing year) and also listened to some guest speakers. There may be a possibility of training in a community programme later this year or even to facilitate something similar… exciting prospects!

Just before the mingle, certain events at the venue were promoted. One I had not heard about as this region was the other side of the boarders I had focused my initial searches in, I realise you have to spread your wings, especially as a freelancer. There was a man from Kent (I used to live in Canterbury) at the last workshop at the beginning of April in Birmingham… that seems like a life-time ago and it was only a month ago!

I signed up for more workshops starting this Saturday! (Impulse buy! And to think it used to be shoes!) imagesCADQ6RA1

Blog Life  –

At the end of last month we won lots of blog awards as you can see if you’re here reading this. It took hours, I finally did it – nominated many other blogs, now experiencing the lovely feeling of reaping what you sow – happiness begets happiness.

It is my first time for all this as I have only been blogging since the start of 2013.

It has been a good week all in all and the bonus was it finished with;

A long weekend

Some extra time with Mr G

A college deadline that was then extended

And a frozen cheesecake we bought on Saturday morning when we nipped into town to sort out banking!


I wrote 1259 words last night on the prequel for Receiver Reception, there may be more for that story by the end of the weekend.

I spent 3 hours submitting my assignment 2 with extended deadline.

And that’s a miracle because I had no free time until after 6pm!

Today I’m writing reviews and moving onto assignment 3. I have to run errands and get to work now.

Take care & Keep  Writing!


Prayer – for Oklahoma


I hadn’t been on Facebook since the 11th May, until last night, I hadn’t seen any news for a week. I saw messages about Oklahoma and this evening after finishing work at 6:15pm I managed to catch the tail end of the news. I saw the reports and the images of devastation.

I cannot imagine having to live in the line of such extreme weathers and my heart goes out to everybody who has been affected.

I have written this poem – words can never say enough…


Twice as big the giant roars

across twenty miles of life,

Damaging all in its path

devastating a community.

People who have to spend

their whole lives preparing

for oncoming tornados.

Living in shelters,

Living with a plan.

Buildings flattened to dust

Lives of all at school,



An elderly lady survives.

She is interviewed in front of

rubble that used to be her


She says God answered her


She asked to survive.

She was sitting on a stool

Holding onto her dog.

She believes she has lost everything.

As she talks a pair of eyes appear

Under the walls that were once

her home.

A pair of ears and a bewildered face,

her silent companion


The journalist helps her move

her broken home off his back.

The elderly lady turns to

the camera and says

‘Seems God has answered both

My prayers.’

Such strength


such loss.



© Copyright 2013 CBS News


Writing Schedule on Hold!


I need technical assistance if anyone can offer tips, please reply.

I have a deadline tomorrow for my online Ohio Uni course. We are developing rhetorical texts and I have to create a PSA – Public Service Announcement – I have had my idea since last week when the assignment was posted. I have researched, selected my images and written text points for the argument and a 250 word explanation.

I am currently either trying to upload to Flickr or convert it as PDF (online and for free- I have managed this conversion) I am not sure where I can post PDF’s publically though.

So the problem is I have my work saved to my memory stick and need to make it public. I am stuck. Deadline is tomorrow. I am about to leave for work, hoping to solve the situation and submit my assignment to WEX tonight.


Are any of you technical wizards?

I am hoping so …imagesCANYEEWS