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Online Writing Course @ The Ohio State University – Assignment II


A night at Uni without any bags? Who knew it was this easy!


I read a blog a few weeks ago (I would credit if I could remember where I was), it got me thinking about online training. I set a training budget this year to catch up on the latest changes in the world of writing – as I have been out of it for six years. I also recognise my need to revise what I think I know already.

  • April – I attended a Writing Workshop – Comedy Script writing with Keith Lindsay
  • I also enrolled on a writing course – night school 6 weeks, which starts this May.
  • I have a network meeting tomorrow.


That has pretty much blown the budget I need to sell my writing to manage anymore. This is a free, YES I said FREE online course. It is international and I thought about 800 of us signed up, tonight watching a 1hr Q & A session on You Tube in preparation for writing the 2nd assignment I found it was over 2000 students now and that IT IS STILL OPEN! dotted-world-map


I joined on the 28th April, 1st assignment was due on the 29th. I managed to complete it the weekend I joined. (The course started on 22nd)

Originally I had not planned on blogging about it too much, there were some terms and conditions signed, I have found out 2 important facts tonight;

  • We are positively encouraged to blog and get it out there beyond the confines of the study centre forums and Ohio State University videos.
  • More importantly for you they are still open to applicants, you could jump on this crazy train too!

Right, I have my 2nd assignment to complete tonight. I will post more articles about all of this over the weekend.


This also explains tonight’s absence from FWF and Friday Fictioneers, I couldn’t post on some of the entries earlier- technical difficulties, I will try again when my college work is done!

FWF – Freewrite Friday – Waking Dreams


Friday rolls around again and it’s time for a freewrite – Click the button if you’d like to join in on Kellie’s Blog.


Your FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

lazy – rain – perspective – glint – somber – trinket – static

You may use all seven words if they fill in naturally OR you may work off only one if it better feeds your page.

A glint of light

wakes you through the blinds,

You edge a lazy arm out from under

the covers and reach for the radio

Static noise invades your bedroom

as you roll over and turn the tuning button

You may as well get up now.

You take a somber walk to the bathroom

wishing your bones would wake from

the stiffness of the night.

You pull your charm bracelet off

with trinkets your lover bought you

last year,

a silver ballet shoe, a rose, a minute key.

You leave them on the sink and

walk under the water of the shower.

You feel the gentle water like rain

on your skin,

washing away the night’s perspiration.

Stepping out of the shower,

fresh, wet and clean

you see the day from a new

perspective as you wrap yourself

in a warm, fluffy, blue towel

Friday Fictioneers – Receiver Reception



Copyright -KentBonham

Copyright –Kent Bonham

The bouquet instructions had been followed. Arriving with the Chauffeur she couldn’t believe his chosen hotel, she had expected bright-lights-big-city. Shuddering in her killer red dress, she looked up at the dark windows.

“Champagne reception in the main suite.” The doorman bowed. Isabelle found her arm being linked by another man dressed to the nines,

“This way ma’am.”

Be nice if they put some lights on Isabelle thought as she tried to ignore first night butterflies. How perfect Jacques was.

“ Petite disseisor” Jacques grinned and grazed her cheek with a kiss, knowing this night would change her life forever.


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