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Submission Made!


2nd submission of the month – and 16th of the year! I have just made it by 10 minutes, I MUST LEARN NOT TO WRITE SO CLOSE TO DEADLINES.

The problem is there have been conflicting submission details printed and I may actually be 2 days too late!

I am hopeful if enough people read my source that they will also be making submissions right now and that they might read them. I have spent most of my writing time on this story – I was trying to edit it before work, but ran out of time. Spent another hour on it this evening.

I fell asleep on the sofa in exhaustion @ 7:30 this evening and work up with an hour and 10 mins to finish edit and submit my writing. Lucky!


Friday Fictioneers


Aqueduct -Sarah Ann Hall

Copyright – Sarah Ann Hall

Sheila couldn’t believe how overgrown it was. She traced her hand over the white rail.

“It seems like only yesterday doesn’t it.” Bert whispered in her ear.

She remembered how glorious that special day had been. He had promised her the most spectacular wedding and it had been. Truth was she’d have been happy with a small Church and a few guests, it was marrying him that meant the world.

“You looked beautiful my Princess…you still do. ” Bert added grinning.

Sheila smiled and looked out over the hills below.

“I wish you were here.” she muttered.

“I am.” Bert replied.


FWF Freewrite Friday


Source: Tumblr


I know the country

But I don’t speak the same language,

I am hoping for something

that will never be.

I wish I had just turned around

and walked away.

I hate the feeling of homesickness.

Trapped in this eternal limbo

between a place I wanted

and a place I could be.

Desperately seeking to settle

in a place that doesn’t even






Writing Away


Friday rolls around and I can see the end to another busy work week.

I have spent 2 hours this morning completing my short story – an urban fantasy, my 1st attempt at such a thing.

I did some retrospective research and found that I wasn’t far off the mark. I had to amend the setting a little. The characters were fine and have grown out of last week’s Picture It & Write prompt. Read it here

I was aiming for 3000 words, it is just over 4000 but… now comes the edit! Chop, snip, change, chop, snip, change, chop, snip, change. I aim to get it submitted before going to work today!

(I’d cross my fingers, but I need all 8 to edit!)