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13th Lucky for Us!


Mr G and I have spent since mid January attempting to buy a house.

Today we collected the keys!

I am delighted this first big dream of the year has already been realised, just beyond a quarter of a year through!!! ūüôā

Now I can pursue the rest of the changes I hope to make in 2013.

Picture it & Write- One Hope



You Need More Than This by *tntrekabulator



“Anaka, I can’t hold it steady!”

“Here, try this.” struggled Anaka, twisting her free hand into the small of her back and pulling out a shiny Grappler. She threw it as best she could over to Moey, her right side was beginning to feel the tide of stiffness creeping over it too. The grappler skimmed across the floor and landed close enough to¬†Moey’s feet for him to reach down and grab it without upsetting the canister of pills.

‘Attach it, quick!’ Anaka thought.

It wasn’t the easiest manoeuvre and Moey was struggling. Concentrating hard on not dropping the pills, he held the canister downward between his twisted fingers. The Grappler shone like a metallic sneer in his left hand, he tossed it gently into the air to twist it the right way¬†round. It landed in the palm of his hand and like a master chef¬†presenting a dish from the oven, he turned it upside down in one swift movement and let out an incredible cry of pain.

“Aaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh.”

Ananka panicked she didn’t want anyone to know they were here, Moey¬†was making too much noise.

‘Wimp, you should try childbirth!’ she concentrated her mind on this thought, hoping the joke might take his mind off the pain and back to the situation in¬†hand. It worked this time, Moey turned towards her,

“Shut up and open your mouth as wide as you can.”

Anaka’s face was already beginning to set, her cheeks felt stiff, the pain of opening her lips was almost unbearable, worst than childbirth, she thought. Not daring to make any more noise she tried to focus her mind.

Seeing the struggle behind her still human eyes, Moey leant in as closer.

“Come on! You can do this!” he whispered, “Do it for Lex and the others.” he had to resist all urges to reach out and grab her hand. “Come on!”

Slowly they both heard her face crack and crease as a small hole appeared between her lips. Moey moved his arm and tilted the pill canister until a stream of golden tablets were showering out, slipping quickly into Ananka’s mouth. Some of them were at least.

The canister was empty.

Moey held his breath and waited.


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