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Friday Fictioneers – A Public House



My entry is late this week as I have been in writing workshops and have some deadlines to meet. Did the picture change from the one posted on Wednesday?

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Copyright-Ted Strutz

Copyright-Ted Strutz

Gripping the lectern, anxiety tugged at her insides.

“ My parents owned a pub…” Verity started.

“ It wasn’t the best upbringing, they were always at work.”

People were listening, the lecture hall, almost silent. Verity plucked up courage,  abandoned her notes, looked up at the expectant audience.

“ I knew they loved me because they displayed my art on a wall in the bar. It was still there years later when they sold the pub. It was the reason the buyers wanted it, they assumed my parents had a young family and wanted to get out of the game quickly.”

FWF – Free Write Friday – M is for Mom



“There’s a story behind everything…but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story…because hers is where yours begins.” 
― Mitch Albom

You had to watch as my world fell apart,

You stood still and let me

chase my broken dreams,

Your arms were there ready for me

to collapse into when it all went wrong.

My heart carries pain

Your heart carries it ten fold.

I cannot imagine a world

without you,

I am part of you.

I always will be.

You taught me well.

You equipped me with strength

and courage.

 When my world collapses,

you close your eyes.

When you stand still

you weep,

If you could you would hold

me forever and never let go.


This is my entry for FWF – Free Write Friday, I am late posting it as I have been in workshops this weekend. I realise it is mother’s day in some parts of the world. We had ours in March.

I have had poetry written for my mum and about my mum published and I am blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Last year I was very ill and she had to watch as my world collapsed (for the 2nd time) she was my lifeline and was there to pull me through. I realised how traumatic it must have been for her to watch one of her children suffering in this way and not being able to heal the pain.

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Fictionless Friday


I am not able to participate in FWF or Friday fictioneers tonight. Gutted. Will attempt delayed posts tomorrow for both. I only have internet access on the phone and have a pile of to do list matters to deal with this evening.

Hope to catch up and read after my writing workshop.