Writing Workshop II


Writing Workshop 2/3

imagesCADQ6RA1 I had another amazing day at the workshop, it was really enjoyable, great people and talented writers. We had a few more breaks today, my brain doesn’t hurt as much, looking forward to the email exercises this week.

You can’t beat a good practitioners workshop, we all learnt so much today!quality-mark

It was lovely getting to know each other better today and collaborating our ideas and exchanging stories. It is the last workshop next weekend and although I won’t miss the hour+ trek across to the Theatre/ Arts Centre, I WILL definitely miss these people. If I was closer I would attend their Mon night writing group – there are some more local though.

Definitely got a packed (can’t take anything else on right now) schedule though; with work, the house, the monthly submissions, these Saturday workshops, Writing classes on Wednesday nights, and the online course – which was booked as 6 weeks and is now 10?! weeks long with the Ohio University. There isn’t time for anything else. July is fairly clear.

I came home full of adrenalin and writing passion and a hope that this dream will meet full fruition.

I would really encourage workshops, whatever stage of your career you’re at!

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