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I Need Elves to Come and Finish My Work!


We managed to get a lot done in the allotment today, it was extremely sunny and we didn’t get in until around 4pm.imagesCA5D8XEO

My back hurts and I was falling asleep. Tonight I wanted to do my work and prep for this week (more reviews tomorrow) and then get my online college assignment done!

elves2 I’ve spent 5 hours working and gathering resources! elves   I am now an expert on a book I loved as a child!

I went to the new house, lots of post coming – could barely get in through the front door. Have met the neighbours as they took a parcel in for us and have made some plans. I have just finished another 2 hours paperwork and I will fall asleep in a minute, so I am going to bed and hope that I can get up early and grab 2hrs before work to finish.



Sunday rolls around all too quickly, can’t believe how fast the weekends pass! This is my entry for this week’s Picture It & Write challenge – click the contributors button to find out what it’s all about and read other amazing stories and poems.

woman reading by a lake

Veronica had dreamed of this moment her whole life. She had drawn her day in crayons, later in names on the back of pencil cases, in the bark of the mighty oak down by the school’s pond, in the sand with her toes, in the air with Sparklers on Bonfire Night. Throughout her whole life, the story was traced and wished for.

Veronica had watched her friends living her dream, her younger sister and countless work colleagues, until she became the only ‘Miss’. It troubled her, she was worried she was destined for Spinsterhood. It ran in her family.

When Andy had suggested a trip to the lake she hadn’t even considered his motives. She wondered what the extra bag was for. He had asked her last night as they sat watching the sunset, wrapped in blankets. In her dreams she said ‘Yes!’ straight away but in reality she couldn’t manage a word.

Andy had gone into town to pick up supplies. He had kissed her so tenderly when she woke up. Veronica had been full of blissful excitement, rolling over and staring at the diamond sparkling on her finger.

“I knew you’d bring your outdoor stuff here so I took the liberty of packing your stunning clothes, in case you want to sparkle like your diamond. Of course, feel free to stay as you are!” he added cheekily, kissing her bare shoulders softly.

Veronica chose her favourite little black dress and red shoes, applied her make up carefully and took her book down to the waters edge to read and wait for Andy to come home.

It was a beautiful day, she slipped into the lives of the women in the novel, her mind being invaded all the time with the proposal. Veronica lost all concept of time. Back in the cabin the radio talked to itself. Veronica remained oblivious to the newsflash, she had no idea of the gas explosion, staring at the sunlight dancing off her diamond and feeling happier than she had ever been in all her life.


A (Flat) Note from Rejectionsville!


On Friday I submitted a short story. It was my 1st attempt at Fantasy genre (although I have read the genre!) an Urban Fantasy at that (easier I thought as I have lived in cities and never the mountains or forests!)
It took me the best part of the week to complete and was 4012 words.
The idea was born from a Picture It and Write challenge I posted last weekend. curved-road

I have just checked my inbox, I did miss the deadline – the publication I saw open submission call out in had printed the incorrect deadline.
However, when you find yourself in rejectionsville it’s nice to carry around a bit of paper that says it wasn’t bad. Writing needs to fit. Considering it was my 1st attempt and it was for an international market I don’t feel dejected – I feel like there is a lot to learn and I am going to keep trying.

It is another pleasant email rejection, my manuscript was at least read. (Yipee!) Not bad for a submission 2 days late of the deadline! I take that (if it is indeed true) to be a huge compliment.

                                                                                                                                     ‘It’s really good …

… and I enjoyed it.’     imagesCAUYQ41E