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Going Underground



imagesCAU5IGRX Today I have used the Bank Holiday to complete research, update my writing schedule & make up time on this month’s writing.

I have realised just how close the end of the month is and how much writing I still need to achieve. cloud_writing2I have managed to complete reviews for assignment 4 and complete assignment 5 reading on the Ohio University Course. Happy I can tick something off the to do list.

I have a busy week involving cars, houses and work in addition I have 4 pieces I would like to work on and finish before the end of the month.

This is possible. I may have to stay offline,  I am going for Gold though.


I hope to be done before the weekend , that way I will have time to complete my ‘homework’ for my writing class & prep for work the following week.


I will be off the blog until my work is done. I hope you still come to splash about, check some Archive posts, January was a good month! There is plenty to read & comment on.

For now I must go and do what I do… & write!


Why You Should Free Write


Free Writing

I was first introduced to Free Writing at college. I love free writing and recognise the importance of this activity.

Since January I have written everyday, for the past month I have also started a morning free write.

I wake up and Free Write first thing in the morning for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about what you write. Sometimes you can use these writes to grasp ideas or characters but more often than not a morning free write is just about the mechanism of writing. By ritualistically practising daily you will improve your writing.

Go for quantity not quality – try to keep your pen moving – even if you have to doodle before another idea or image pops into your head.

If my mind has wandered I usually pick an object I can see and start describing it to get my mind back on track.

Resist editing and keep writing.

I keep my morning free writes in a separate journal.

If I am getting up for work, pushed for time or struggling – I do just 5 minutes.

The important thing is to DO IT!






I would love to hear your thoughts, do you free write?