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Young fingers pick the ornament up,

a dog I had never noticed there before.

Our breath hushes,

As the precious artefact is held in his small hand.

We beg him to put it down

on the flat surface.

We explain that belonged to Grandpa.


Today marks the passing of him

Twenty-five whole years ago.


I was just a child back then,

fascinated by fragile ornaments

and make believe games.


I believe this was my Grandpa’s way

of letting us know he was there.

It was the first and only mention

all afternoon of the significance

of this day.

His spirit rests in heaven

A happy place,

Our hearts keep him here,

carrying him with us on this earth.

Passing the love and stories forward

to little people who

never even got to meet

this wonderful man.



Rest In Peace – Grandpa x

FWF – Free Write Fridays – The Open Road


Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Those were special times, the summers I travelled through unknown countries and across desert plains. In the heat of an Arizonian Summer, I delighted in every small town we drove through and the abandoned trucks I saw on the side of the road. Everything had its own story. Everything I saw conjured words in my head, spellbound by this new, fascinating landscape.

Driving through the day and night just to get to the next inhabited part of the great sands. The dusty roads and open freedom lying before me, ready for my first steps into my dreams.

The people I met, the places I saw, the memories I captured are all kept inside great volumes in my head. Tales of travelling and discovery, stories unfurling beneath the tyres on the road. And my hand, out the window, brushing through the essence of what I could not grasp.

Life held in a series of moments – memories become stories I tell myself – new found knowledge – the world isn’t such a big place after all. We can leave that accolade for the Universe. My world is filled by the treasure of experience, the wisdom of time and the love of good people.

I hope I can offer the same to my children, one day. That the open road will beckon to them, that the summer will fill them with wanderlust and passion, that they may make their own tracks in the desert, under the guidance of the disappearing sun and the sparkling ghosts of the first night stars appearing. That they will sit, wrapped in blankets by an open fire and share the stories of their lives so far. Just as Once Upon a Time their mum did.


I looked for this prompt earlier – then I had to go out – I loved  it and am so glad the copy works here – I might come back to watch this girl’s hand. It reminds me of my travels.

This prompt came from Kellie Elmore, click the button to read all about it and read other free writes.


Friday Fictioneers – Open Line


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Copyright - Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

“It’s hard to believe, but when I was a teenager mobile phones didn’t exist. I used to sneak off to the public phone on the corner of the block to ring my boyfriend. It was the only way I could get a private conversation.”

“Oh, Grandma,” Jenna giggled, holding her frail hand.

“A few years later I met your Gramps. It’s funny, the phone is still there, after all these years… outliving the people who talked on it.”

“Not everyone Grandma, you’re going to be okay.” Jenna reassured her, the lights of the monitors blearing as tears filled her eyes.