Writing Workshop 1


Writing Workshop 1/3
imagesCADQ6RA1 I had an amazing day yesterday at the workshop and met some great people and talented writers. My brain still hurts from the overload of exercises and activities we did.

If you get a chance to book workshops with Practitioners rather than facilitators then do.

What’s the difference?

Practitioners have experienced what you are trying to achieve, they know the harsh reality and will share this and success tips with you readily. Facilitators are often (although not always) academics who have the theoretical knowledge and are well read on publishing and writing but have not written anything other than academic papers (not that that isn’t writing) you may enjoy these types of workshops and you may learn from them.

I believe you can’t beat the passion of someone who is teaching you what they know because that is what they do, and who they are.quality-mark

At the end of the day something wonderful happened. I was deep in conversation and there was another attendee waiting (to speak to the person I was speaking to, I thought…) she was waiting to talk to me!

I found the day sparked inspiration for other writing projects and ideas. My list is getting so long I wonder if by the end of the year I will have had time to write it all!

That’s why I am starting before 8a.m! ON A SUNDAY!

Today’s plan is to catch up on Friday writes and take part in blog challenges, post some of the articles I have been writing offline, finish a few pieces from the May Writing Schedule, complete all 3 parts of my third assignment for the online writing course, go to the allotment with Mr G and finish our planting AND complete about 4 hours of paperwork in prep for work tomorrow!

Who said Sunday was a day of rest?!

Hope you manage to pop back to read the updates.
imagesCADGQ22PHave a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. It’s 2:30pm and I am still on Job 1… of the extremely long to do list – ever wished for more hours in a day?
    I have submitted Part 1 of the online coursework and am busy writing part 2, I have not started on Part 3 which is based on politics and the way I feel about the world right now puts me off. Having said that yesterday I wrote 2 political pieces in response to an exercise we were given at the workshop.
    I am very tired from my full day yesterday and trying to force my brain to stay on the grindstone, I have had a long nap (from getting up so early this morning) and the rain came which put pay to the allotment trip.

    Can’t wait to get back to blogland and write my attempts for the weekend challenges.

    Then I will start the big bag of work. (Which I should really do first.)

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