Offline for Half the Weekend!


I was offline yesterdaylaptop – we had planned to sort the house out, after managing the front garden and half a wardrobe build on Friday!
I went shopping for supplies, it was sunny and a friend called over, we had a few hours in the garden. Before the monsoon rains came at tea-time!
We had spent the whole day up in the garden. Productivity was limited to a few laundry loads, a bit more fun with the wardrobe and a few supermarket runs! Good to reconnect with people we haven’t seen for ages because we have been packing and moving and I got to work on the tan lines. (I don’t tan, I just freckle!)

I planned some writing time in the evening, but had joined in the drinking by then and it was easier to watch Star Wars and potter around the boxes I had planned to unpack!

Today I am very excited because I am going for lunch at a beautiful pub and it is a college reunion! 🙂
Not an official, big one – I tend to avoid those at all cost! Just a few friends from the theatre department  Valentine-poster--400x356 – we haven’t seen each other since a wedding in the late 90’s. I am the only one without children/husband – but the girls are all going by themselves so I shouldn’t feel too different!

I will update the gratitude posts for Stunt Writing and hope to spend some time this evening updating elsewhere, writing and completing the Sunday Challenges!


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