Catching Up with Myself!


I spent some time looking over my action plan last night. I have a lot of offline writing to get done, hence my absence from Blogland at the moment. planner

I have already missed a deadline for a short story competition – I forgive myself. I tried but the ideas just weren’t award winning and so I focussed elsewhere.

This week I have a busy schedule and need lots of energy to get through it, there are also looming deadlines ahead, I have written in the diary which evenings I can spend focussing on some of the writing that needs to be submitted before the end of the month.

Today I am attempting a short story but am also catching up with the Hay House NEW YOU Webinars that I missed Day 1 of (yesterday) – I thought I could access the videos but they are only live for 24 hours. I have it on in the background but need to be selective as there are about 8 hours worth of webinar video source everyday! webinar


I apologise for being behind on updating posts and forwarding awards to others, I will try to catch up here by the end of the day. I have not had time to participate in writing challenges for ages, I really want to, but I am struggling for time. I have a few writing projects offline that I am trying to get my teeth into. I will have time later in the year to join in with these challenges again and look forward to it. writingrut


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  1. Dear Nina,
    I’m beginning to hurt…… for YOU:
    “I apologise for being behind on updating posts and forwarding awards to others, I will try to catch up here by the end of the day. ”

    Your blog is such a precious experience for us (I hope others will agree). But YOU must come first! This is supposed to be fun for you, too. A way of facilitating birth of the new life you are creating for you. Feeding this blog cannot, should not become a drag that takes you away from all the things you must prioritise in order to get your new life on track.

    Please take some time out for yourself. Don’t let this blogging become a nagging distraction to your expressively creative self.

    Referring to an earlier post about sorting out your email inbox. If you haven’t already, have you set up folders so that the ‘chat’/socialising related messages go directly to those folders? This could serve to leave your inbox relatively clear so that you might more easily catch sight of invitations, paid offers of work etc. You can then dip in and out of social messages without feeling as if you are ploughing thru’ an inbox that overwhems you.

    Love what you do, love who you are and who you are becoming, Caroline πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thanks – ironically today I post the Hay House affirmations about nourishing ourselves and believe me I am doing just that because I love what I am doing – you will have noticed that in the end I didn’t finish the posts or forward the awards I will do both when time allows.
      This evening has been massively productive with new material written and online only in the background as a reference tool. πŸ˜‰
      I can do what you suggest with the gmail account but the others all flood inbox/ junk mail and from there I just search specifics – select all and file – really wish interns were a reality around here πŸ™‚
      Anyway please don’t worry – some of the mania is happening for a reason, I sleep at weekends (and every night!)

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