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Performing Poetry and Pyjamas


This evening I had planned to perform poetry at an Open Mic event in Stratford. after a long, hard day at work and with another 2 events on there way, I decided to give it a miss. Swapping performing poetry for sitting in pyjamas and writing some (at 6pm this evening), it is now 4 hours later and I have no idea where that time has gone! I had to do half an hour of paperwork, I cooked tea and ate it as Mr G the whole kitchen before I was even home from work. and I have caught up with the Mindful Stones writing and posting across blogs and social media… I guess then I should have switched Facebook off…. I was mainly on there to read gig information, but may have scrolled and replied to a few posts along the way!

Tomorrow I am booked for an 8 minute set and I have another set on Wednesday for 5 minutes, I need to sort out poetry for these events. I hoped to write new material this evening, but I am cutting it fine with bedtime!

It is all about balance – and that’s the lesson I need to learn for 2014!

sitting room


Flashes of Fiction – Book Launch 8th Performance of the Month


Flashes of Fiction – Book Launch

Part of Worcester LitFest litfest flash

I am delighted I made this event and honoured that I was able to read at it! I am new to the wonders of flash fiction, my first experience of it came after I started this blog, with Rochelle’s 100 word Friday Fictioneers challenge. Last Autumn I performed at 42 Flash, an event where we attempted (& broke) 42 flashes in one evening. It was here I discovered how different reading fiction is to poetry. I think I managed it tonight.

The event was well attended & authors had come from as far afield as Portugal to share their work and the Anthology is a bargain at £5.00! The winner, runners up and other entries from the Literary Festival’s 2013 Flash Fiction competition are all featured in this superb and fascinating collection of very short stories (300 words or less).

The book has been brilliantly produced and published by Black Pear Press and is a book you will treasure for years to come.

It was a fabulous success!