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1st Submission of the Year


Last night I had a poetry write in all of my own, I spent several hours writing new material. I managed to write 5 poems and a Haiku. type

I produced 3 poems on the theme of Rainfall, knowing I could only submit one to the competition, I then chose my favourite and edited it, culled it, rewrote it, added to it and eventually produced something I was proud of which I then realised only borderline met the brief – hoping it is close enough (too late now, literally the deadline was the 14th) I had planned to submit it last night but suffered some registration issues.

At lunch time I checked the email I sent requesting help, no response. After work I called and was given all the help I needed.

It always feels good to send the first piece of the year (and I see from checking The Write Year I am sending work out earlier than I managed in January 2013! Yippee.)

I feel like I have just released a dove from a cage.motivation happy

A Great Night at Mouth & Music – 5th Event of the Month


Tonight was also the 2nd Birthday of Mouth & Music (free cake!) this is not the only reason I went by the way! 1441315_10151891604167737_769844637_n

We celebrate our 2nd birthday with an evening of spoken word and music flavoured by memories of Childhood.

“Frum the Coal ‘ole”
BILLIE SPAKEMON will tell vivid stories of growing up in the Black Country – “I spent a lot of my early life in the coal ‘ole. It was usually to escape my Mom who was chasing me with a boiler stick.”

Acoustic folk singer songwriter
JEN ROBINS will bring a gutsy blend of spiritual yearning & practical reality, with a touch of humour



I loved the theme this month, childhood and thought I had a lot of poems to suit this theme. When it came to finding them, I found three. One of which was written in response to a FWF challenge (thank you Kellie Elmore!) my favourite of the set and one I almost know now off by heart.

An amazing eclectic mix of talent and my first introduction to Mood Drums (I want one!) – I am now on a post-gig adrenalin buzz and desperately attempting to wind down to get sleep in preparation for another full on work day tomorrow.

Laughter and tears; a visitor from Scotland; lots of different approaches to the theme of childhood; a gamut of styles and genres, all delivered with aplomb; a mood drum, an a capella lullaby, rhyming poetry, shocking poetry, a first-timer and a man with a poem in his pocket for next time …. these are just some of the many treats we enjoyed last night.

Billie Spakemon captured our imaginations with his vivid and moving childhood recollections, Jen Robins used her tongue as a quill, to quote from one of her beautiful songs, all of the open mic slots were filled and lots of people came to just listen … and eat cake. We had a wonderful birthday. Thank you!  © 2014 Mouth & Music

Hoping for an easier morning…. my doors were frozen shut and because I managed to open them a smidge by the time I had managed to get into the car the inside was as frozen as the outside! Frantic phone calls and messages sent, I then entered GRIDLOCKED town traffic.

Mouth and Music you were the perfect end to a high-stress day. Happy 2nd Birthday! imagesCA3WH14B

I wasn’t alone in thinking it was a brilliant evening, here are comments others made – posted by audience and performers reviewing the night;

“It was fun as always!”
“There were some powerful and moving performances tonight. Loved it!” 
“Great night. Keeps getting better…”
“Black Country wordsmith Billie Spakemon, who headlined the first half, was incredible. I was in awe, profoundly moved by his recollections of a working class childhood. We are so lucky to have such a great… venue.”
“What a very special performer Billie Spakemon is – wonderful emotions that reminded me of my own mum and dad … thank you. And thanks to everyone else, as well – a memorable night.”
“Billie was brilliant. I think I’d have cried if I wasn’t in a room full of people.”
“Another great night of mouths and music! Such a welcoming, appreciative and accepting group of people. Can’t wait till next time!” 
“An excellent night. Billie was brilliant and moving. Some great work and performance all round. I also rated Bobby Parker’s uninhibited poem. Not to all tastes perhaps but I enjoyed it.”

“Bostin Night. Loved the night and the place.” Billie Spakemon

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