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Catching Up with Myself!


I spent some time looking over my action plan last night. I have a lot of offline writing to get done, hence my absence from Blogland at the moment. planner

I have already missed a deadline for a short story competition – I forgive myself. I tried but the ideas just weren’t award winning and so I focussed elsewhere.

This week I have a busy schedule and need lots of energy to get through it, there are also looming deadlines ahead, I have written in the diary which evenings I can spend focussing on some of the writing that needs to be submitted before the end of the month.

Today I am attempting a short story but am also catching up with the Hay House NEW YOU Webinars that I missed Day 1 of (yesterday) – I thought I could access the videos but they are only live for 24 hours. I have it on in the background but need to be selective as there are about 8 hours worth of webinar video source everyday! webinar


I apologise for being behind on updating posts and forwarding awards to others, I will try to catch up here by the end of the day. I have not had time to participate in writing challenges for ages, I really want to, but I am struggling for time. I have a few writing projects offline that I am trying to get my teeth into. I will have time later in the year to join in with these challenges again and look forward to it. writingrut