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A Day in My Writing Skin! (The 1st of the Year!)


Stretches her arms into a whole day of writing!

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There is no excuse really for this being the 1st day of 2014 dedicated to writing. I go back to work tomorrow and there have been 5 days in the year already. Obviously the 1st is always a bit of a write off (no pun intended!) I did manage to sign up to 52 Jo Bell’s new writing project for 2014 and Mindful Writing at the start of the month.


I also registered for the next Hay House Summit, having missed the last one webinar
I spent a frantic evening or two attempting to watch as many videos as I could before they were taken off the FREE resource lists!



The 2nd saw me attempt 2 poetry events in the same 8 hours, not for the faint hearted and probably not something I will manage again….Poetry For Lunch, & Liz Lefroy’s New Year Poetry Open Mic with Uncharacteristic Largesse.

The best part of Friday 3rd was spent in recovery, asleep! After I made myself spend several apple coffee hours updating writing admin, schedules, action plans, excel sheets, research lists and the like.

Saturday was an epically busy day in the real world, as I attempted to squeeze visits to most of the family into one day – having been too ill to see any of them much over Christmas and the New Year (this was similar to attempting 2 poetry gigs in a day, but with less driving and more food)!

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Yesterday I had another day catching up on sleep after the mass tour of the family and had just enough time to help out by tidying up the kitchen before I went out to Buzzwords – A workshop with Hilda Sheehan and an Open Mic!Hilda Sheehan

Today I made sure I was up and ‘actioning’ by 8 AM – which is a miracle – as I am not a morning person, especially not after a poetry gig the night before. I have made time allowances for de-decorating the Christmas decs, which are (as per tradition) coming down as it is the 12th night. And some much-needed -to-be-done-before-returning-to-work-household-chores!

i heart writeI love a day like today, a writing day, even the sun has come and tried to frighten the rainstorms away. I spent the first part of the morning catching up on reading.

I have spent an hour online, researching websites and submissions, I have added two events – a book launch and an open mic to my desk diary for this month and I have subscribed to another mailing list.

I also managed to empty one inbox (the smaller of the 3 accounts) and have caught up with essential emails from the other two. Discovering a terrifying thing, a booking for work that had already been confirmed mid-January, that wasn’t in my diary and so now I have to postpone both an interview and public poetry performance! (Not looking forward to those emails/ calls…)

Off to have lunch and pack up the Christmas decorations.

Then this afternoon will actually involve writing! pencil paper freestock