Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Taking Stock


inkspill notebook I used to love stock taking at work – back in the day… nowadays my stock taking feels completely different. It is still a fairly isolating and empowering experience when ‘taking stock’ of the wider picture. This evening the stock taking was an admin exercise.

I have used all writing time available (short supply today) making sure I am up to date with opportunities and writing. I haven’t had time to delve into emails or write new material. I have scheduled at least 4 hours tomorrow (as long as I can stay awake after work) in this time I will plan and rehearse Wednesday’s set, continue to learn material off by heart, write new poems, work towards other submissions, catch up with small stones and 52 challenges and later in the week (Friday) I plan to spend some time catching up with Blogs in my reader. I want to feel connected again.

At the moment life is a busy whirl of work and poetry – loving it this way, but have to take rest and relaxation over the internet or writing in the few hours I have to live in before bedtime! February isn’t as hectic – the New Year was intentionally planned to flurry – although having said that I took on an extra week of work!

Sometimes you write and others time you have to research opportunities for writing. Both take time, both need commitment.