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3rd Submission of the Month


        Your submission has been sent.

The best way to get over rejection? Submit something else!

Today has been a write old day for sure, before lunch I wrote 4 poems for tonight’s performance in the Gallery KAF iconat The KAF Re-Launch event, after lunch and a little rest I have written and submitted 5 Haikus for Cat Lovers.

inkspill just write Fingers crossed!

Taking a Stroll Down Rejection Avenue


I have recently received another rejection for the Journey poems I submitted for Popshots Magazine, just 6 days ago.

Rejections are fine, they are part of everyone’s lives, especially artists. I started this blog last year to track my life as a writer, that includes ups and downs. We hear so much about writing successes without knowing about the years of trying or failures that came before. It is tempting to keep my rejection slips secret, but I don’t need to … I know that the material is rejected on all sorts of criteria and just because the work was wrong for publication this time, doesn’t mean it will always be wrong for somewhere else or that you can’t write new material for a publication who have already rejected you.

I have realised over the past few months that these journals do tend to publish already established artists, their names will help sell issue. I do believe that at some point success will be mine, I would love to work on my own pamphlet soon and will need some recent publication success to entice publishers to risk it! I may produce my own small collection towards the end of the year anyway. (Even if it is just for myself.)

So I am taking in the air down on Rejection Avenue and it smells as if there is possibility there.

  • Being afraid of rejection is as daft as being scared of your own reflection.
  • Bitterly vowing to never submit again, is a waste of energy. (And a downright lie!)


  • Read the email. Take on board any advice given, let the poems rest a while and return to them later to detect whether it was you or them…

‘It’s not you, it’s me’ actually might work on your mind-set…. it’s not your poetry it’s our publishing house!

You have not fallen down, so just blow the dust off your pen and try again. 6483e9d67caad0f203f569497e0b3c7e

At Long Last, A Writing Day!


And a busy one at that. My work alarm was still set, so I was awake about an hour before I had planned. This did mean that I got an early start, which is probably a good thing as I have to write 3 poems about Art and get them printed off before 4pm for the KAF Creative Relaunch this evening.KAF Writing under pressure about a specific subject or particular commission is one of the hardest things to do.

Right now I have my giant mug of coffee and am seeking inspiration. I have devoured my Degas book and Duchamp and managed to write 5 unconnected lines… it’s a start…. this has taken half an hour. I am now online and looking for other poems about Art to read for ideas and inspiration. I plan to have my poems written by lunchtime, so I can speedily digest them and still allow for some editing time later before emailing them off and printing them before the 4pm deadline.

I’d cross my fingers but I need to type.

Last night I prepared my list of TO DO for today, I haven’t had the pleasure of a writing day for over 2 weeks and that day was an interview and a Stanza meeting, so it didn’t actually involve any writing time, the day before was spent performing at Poetry For Lunch so the last time I slipped into my writing skin was the 6th January! No wonder I was feeling so much like Eeyore!

I had  lots of other things I hoped to get checked off today, I realise now some of which will have to wait until the weekend. I have been working all week so far and was out Wednesday performing at 42, the other free time I have mainly spent sleeping.

I missed a gig at the Bristol Pear last night which would have been exceptional. In the end, after work, I was far too tired. Getting home before 6 and finding myself asleep until 8 meant I missed the start anyway.

Writers’ Bloc’s much-loved, raucous performance night is back!

Our second Grizzly Pear headliner will be the wonderful poet, genius behind Hit the Ode, Apples and Snakes West Midlands co-ordinator and all round good guy, Bohdan Piasecki.

Bristol Pear

I seem to have missed all sorts of wonderful events this month, Pigeon Park Press Winter’s Stories is another one I missed due to double bookings. What I haven’t missed because of clashing dates (Poetry Jam, Word Up, Poetry Bites, The Ort, Pigeon Park) I have missed due to overwork, tiredness or actual sleeping! The gig list for January was epic and for those working in the field a great start to the new year after having most of December off…. but for most of us who have a day job too – just too much to go to! It hasn’t helped that I have spent the past fortnight (apart from today) working full time (and I have another full-ish week next week) my 2 day writing work balance plan has gone out the window – but then again I had 2 weeks in December with no work and no income, so the money will plug a hole and pay for some of Christmas, keep us in heating and food etc. etc.

February’s schedule looks a lot cleaner with less than 10 events planned so far AND a whole blissful week off AND my biggest gig highlight so far (4 months in) I am finally brave enough to ‘Hit the Ode’! Also we have Mr G’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and my younger brother’s birthday to celebrate too!

Tonight’s event is a re-launch party – KAF Creatives are rebranding and have organised an event complete with music, poetry and art. This is the 1st of 2 gallery based bookings.
KAF icon
Upstairs in Gallery
7.30 – Launch of Exhibition FALL IN LOVE WITH CREATIVITY
8.00 – 9.30 Spoken word and acoustic music
9.30 – 9.45 THE LAUNCH! with drumming
9.45 – Close – Live Music with Time of the Mouth & we Are Fenton

Looks to be a great evening!

I also have a submission deadline today for some Haiku poetry & photography. I will look to do that after my KAF set is complete. Nothing like a day OFF is there! 😉

i heart write