Daily Archives: January 5, 2014

3rd Event of the Month – Buzzing!


Today’s weather was pretty awful and I was think twice about this round trip (in the UK we consider 90 miles a long way – or at least I do!) After the night at Shrewsbury and the terrible journey home, I promised myself I would visit venues further afield only once Spring has broken. I broke my promise… well, January is the month for that is it not!

Angela France (whose book launch I went to in the Autumn) runs (and has run for just under a decade) a great spoken word event called Buzzwords, in Gloucestershire.

It starts with a workshop, usually facilitated by the guest poet, tonight Hilda Sheehan, followed by open mic and guest poet slots in two halves. It was a great night and I have come away with one new poem and ideas for 18 others. imagesCANPZSQ2

Plus I now have a set of 3 poems I know by heart (my mission this year) and I have heard and met many new poets and had a fantastic night (except for the scary few hours on the road aquaplaning and unable to clearly see the road markings!)

I had a great night, Hilda’s work is moving and amusing and I look forward to finding more.

Thanks to Angela France for such a great night!

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