A Flurried Morning


I love the word ‘flurry’…

I had to get up early to complete an assignment for my writing class tonight and prepare for a meeting at work. The meeting was over sooner than we thought and I had over an hour before I was due to start work, I was allowed home! Hooray! Royalty free photograph of meeting in progress sign hanging on door showing meeting in progress

I have whizzed about sorting Banking on the High Street – I really need to get online with that! And then managed to eat breakfast (been up since 8 and only ate @ 11:45!) that’s how busy I was before work! I have also (thankfully) finished my assignment for tonight’s class.

I have 10 minutes ALL TO MYSELF now before I have to go back to work! From work I am going straight into the city for class this evening. I will see my home for the first time since yesterday morning at some point before 10pm!


Writing schedule is put aside for the day.

As is my blogging.

Will catch up Friday (day off – whoahoo) and Sunday.

Happy Writing x

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