Organising the Month – Poetry Gigs


What will tomorrow bring? TWO poetry performances, one at lunch time and the other several miles away in the evening.

do415com open mic I had great fun adding events and gigs into my brand new desk diary in glittery pink pen! 🙂 Each week there is something for me to get my teeth into, this month alone over 9 performances and a job interview and about 3 submissions planned and in addition to this a new weekly poetry challenge.

Tomorrow I am performing at Library of Birmingham along with Jan Watts and others in an event she has created for lunchtime this year. In the evening I am heading off on a new venture to a venue I have never been too, invited by a poetry friend of mine. The slots have all been booked but I am hoping that I may be able to sign up for an open mic slot – if not I am more than happy to sit, listen, absorb and enjoy and book myself in for later in the year.


So tonight I will be sorting material and perhaps writing some new poems.

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