First Gig of the Year


1 jan The first gig of the year was amazing – I think lunch time adrenalin is even more powerful than after evening performances!

Today was the launch of Jan Watt’s new project POETRY FOR LUNCH 1birm9set in the city of Birmingham in the Amphitheatre in front of the new library – a great space with amazing theatrical acoustics.

I wasn’t expecting a PA system but Lozz hooked us up with a wireless mic – great for performing! We had a small audience in the amphitheatre with us and then passers by on street level – crowds formed at various points and listened to us, there were people in the secret garden (up in the Gods as Jan said) and they could hear us too!


It is a great idea and Jan is running these events weekly every Thursday for half an hour from 1pm if you are around. There are varied groups of performers taking part – so if you are out for lunch you can get to hear some great poetry for FREE every Thursday!

It was great to perform alongside others and good to meet some new poets and hear new work. The poets were Jan Watts, myself, Lloyd Scarsbrook, Gary Carr, Kate Faulkner and Simon Grenville and we spent a good half hour tag teaming poems.

We had to share the space with a large Christmas Tree, xmas 1 tree Lloyd was the only one brave enough to make his way around it. Keri from the library filmed the event and took photos which I believe are destined for Twitter.


It was great fun and I look forward to the next one I am performing at, mid month.

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    • Thanks Julie, I got back behind the mic in October and have enjoyed seeking opportunities ever since – there are a fair few exciting new projects and ideas happening and I am glad to be in a position to now hear about them!

      Jan definitely aims to raise the profile of poetry in the city and we are all looking to stop that person passing – even just for a few minutes to infuse the city with a little spoken word and images beyond that of a ‘normal’ lunch hour!

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